How To Identify A Crack Pipe

Crack pipes are a type of drug paraphernalia commonly used to smoke crack cocaine. They can be homemade or found at head shops. Crack cocaine abuse is harmful and addiction treatment can help with cocaine drug use.

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Crack pipes usually resemble small glass pipes like ‘chillums’. Cocaine paraphernalia such as crack pipes are not technically illegal, so they can be bought in some stores.

Crack pipes might also be homemade. People using crack might make a crack pipe using some household materials.

It’s important to know what to look for if you are concerned that a loved one is using this illicit substance.

Characteristics Of A Crack Pipe

Look for these typical characteristics that indicate a pipe is being used to smoke crack cocaine.

What A Crack Pipe Looks Like

Crack pipes usually have a tube-like shape and include a glass stem and a mouthpiece. They are often blackened and burnt-looking on one end if they have been used.

The mouthpiece of a crack pipe can sometimes be removed and kept by each person to avoid sharing pipes.

Crack pipes usually include some sort of filter in between the mouthpiece and the “bowl” of the pipe, where the crack cocaine goes. Filters prevent pieces of molten-hot crack cocaine from dislodging and burning the person’s mouth or throat.

What A Crack Pipe Smells Like

Crack pipes won’t smell like anything if they have not been used. Once they are used, they will have a burnt, smoky smell. They might smell slightly sweet.

How People Use A Crack Pipe

To use a crack pipe, small “rocks” of crack cocaine are placed into one end of the pipe. A lighter or candle is held against the surface of the pipe, melting the crack so its vapors can be inhaled.

Mouthpieces help prevent burns and lesions that come from smoking directly from the hot pipe. When mouthpieces are not available, sores and lesions around the mouth become more common.

People with sores on their lips might use extra lip balm to try to heal or cover up the sores.

Other Signs And Symptoms Of Crack Cocaine Abuse

If you suspect a loved one may be using cocaine, there are signs you can look out for.

Keep an eye out for these signs of cocaine use:

  • dilated pupils
  • aggressive behavior
  • burned or cracked fingers or lips
  • restlessness
  • fast breathing
  • anxiety
  • increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • nausea
  • intense cravings for crack cocaine
  • loss of appetite
  • Insomnia

Safe Smoking Kits For Crack Cocaine Use

In February 2022, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), under the Biden Administration, proposed a $30 million grant program with federal funding aimed at harm reduction.

Part of the money from this federal government harm reduction program is allocated for providing safe smoking kits for illicit drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

Harm reduction initiatives like this one aim to reduce overdose deaths (which are at an all-time high in the U.S. due to the dangerous opioid fentanyl), reduce infectious disease transmissions like hepatitis C and HIV, and other negative health impacts.

Republicans including Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla) have attacked the initiative, claiming that the White House and the Democratic party want to send crack pipes to millions of Americans.

The program is now trending because social media and media outlets have recirculated the misinformation that Biden wants to spend $30M of taxpayer money to distribute crack pipes to Americans.

While the public health program does include free crack pipe distribution, harm reduction services like these have been shown to make a positive impact in communities and promote racial equity.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs For Cocaine Addiction

Addiction treatment is critical for anyone abusing crack cocaine.

Cocaine addiction treatment combines physical and mental healthcare services with behavioral treatment to help people using drugs recover from addiction.

The best cocaine treatment programs employ evidence-based treatments which have been proven to improve the chances of recovery.

Find Cocaine Addiction Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

Bedrock Recovery Center is a state-of-the-art addiction treatment center located in Canton, MA. We specialize in helping our clients recover from substance use disorders.

Call our helpline today to start your journey to recovery.

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