How Long Does It Take To Detox From Crack Cocaine?

Detoxing from crack use typically takes seven to 10 days, with many factors playing a role in detox duration. Treatment can help ease crack withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process.

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Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

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Crack cocaine is a more concentrated form of cocaine. As a result, it can take a few more days to detox from crack cocaine abuse, or seven to 10 days on average.

Multiple factors may contribute to the duration of this process.

Duration Of Crack Cocaine Detox

Crack cocaine detox can be broken into two stages, the total of which typically last more than a week.

There are two primary stages of crack detox: acute withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal.

How Long Acute Withdrawal Symptoms Last

The first stage of crack cocaine withdrawal is known as acute withdrawal. Symptoms can begin as early as a few hours after your last use.

Acute withdrawal is the stage that we typically associate with physical symptoms.

Crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms often include intense cravings, irritability, hunger, paranoia, and psychosis.

For most people, acute withdrawal from crack cocaine use lasts seven to 10 days, if it takes place in a detox center under medical supervision.

Crack Cocaine Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

Cocaine directly affects your brain chemistry, particularly the reward center of your brain and the production of dopamine.

It can take many months for your brain to adjust to life without the effects of drug use. This is called post-acute withdrawal.

During this time, you may struggle with psychological withdrawal symptoms, including mood swings, depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

If you receive proper healthcare and therapy, it is possible to limit post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Without help from a qualified treatment center, it is also possible that your symptoms may take a prolonged time to fully resolve.

Factors That Influence The Length Of Crack Cocaine Detox

Your personal health history and drug use history will greatly affect the duration of your detox.

Duration Of Crack Addiction

If you have abused crack cocaine for a number of years, then you can generally expect your withdrawal process to take longer.

Amount Of Crack Used

If your drug addiction is fairly new but you regularly use larger amounts of cocaine, you can also expect a longer withdrawal timeline.

Underlying Mental Health Or Physical Conditions

Detox is hard on your mental and physical health. Your entire body has adjusted to the effects of drug use, and it can’t bounce back right away.

If you have additional health problems or a pre-existing mental health condition, you may experience complications during the detox process.

What Happens After Crack Cocaine Detox?

After you have gone through the process of acute withdrawal with a qualified medical detox program, you’re ready to move onto the next stage.

It isn’t easy. You are almost certainly going to struggle with your mental health in the months following detox. You just need a little help, which can be found in a quality treatment program.

Options For Treatment After Crack Cocaine Detox

Help comes in a variety of different forms. No two treatment programs are exactly the same, and you’ll want to find whatever works best for you. These are some examples of crack cocaine treatment options to get you started.

Inpatient Rehabilitation

If you’re recovering from a long-term drug addiction, you may require the unmatched support of inpatient rehabilitation.

Through inpatient treatment for cocaine, you can create a support group of people with similar experiences and remove yourself from the triggers you might encounter in everyday life.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

There is no approved medication for cocaine addiction, but medication-assisted treatment can still help.

By providing you with medication that helps manage your psychological symptoms, such as an anti-anxiety medication, this type of treatment can give you the strength to keep moving forward.

Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy are two of the most successful forms of treatment for people who are struggling with mental illness and addiction.

With the help of a qualified therapist, you can learn coping mechanisms and new behavioral patterns to give yourself a fresh start with a sober life.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient treatment is a great option for initial treatment and aftercare because it gives you access to medical professionals and therapy when you need it.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we know that no two people are the same. We offer a wide range of treatment options that allow you to make the right choices for your crack cocaine addiction.

Call our treatment facility in Massachusetts today to get started on the next chapter of your life.

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