How To Spot Meth Paraphernalia

Methamphetamine drug paraphernalia goes hand in hand with drug use. Unless someone is using meth in the form of pills, the drug requires additional tools for that person to take it. This kind of drug paraphernalia is easy to spot once you know what to look for.

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People who use meth will often have a variety of drug paraphernalia on their person or close at hand, because they need these objects in order to use the drug.

Meth is illegal according to federal law, so possession of drug paraphernalia is also a crime.

For some of these objects, having just one will not necessarily mean the person is practicing drug abuse. For example, almost everyone has plastic baggies in their home. However, not everyone has a metal pipe.

You can recognize paraphernalia used for different types of drug abuse, such as miniature spoons used to snort cocaine, or vials used for storing drugs.

Or, you might find a cache of items that signal a specific type of drug addiction, such as paraphernalia specific to meth use.

In any case, learning to spot paraphernalia can help you understand if a loved one or other close family member may need help with treating a meth addiction.

Meth Paraphernalia By Method Of Use

There are certain items that can be used for meth or some other form of illicit drug use. When you see the following items, it may signal meth use or even a drug addiction.

Snorting Meth Paraphernalia

Methamphetamine can come in a white powder form that people snort in order to get high.

If someone is snorting meth, you may find the following items:

  • straws
  • rolled dollar bills
  • mirrors
  • cards
  • razors

In order to snort methamphetamine, you need a tube. People who use meth will often use rolled dollar bills or straws.

The mirror provides a surface on which to create lines and snort them. A person might create lines with a razor blade or a card, like a credit card or playing card.

Paraphernalia Used In Smoking Meth

People who smoke meth or crack cocaine generally do so through a pipe, also called a meth pipe.

Pipes are typically going to be:

  • glass
  • wood
  • ceramic
  • metal

These kinds of pipes can also be used for smoking marijuana and are popular among young adults.

However, some smoking paraphernalia is only used for marijuana or hash, including:

  • bongs or water pipes
  • hookahs
  • chillums

Similarly, things like rolling papers or roach clips are also commonly associated with marijuana.
Learn more about meth pipes.

Meth Injection Paraphernalia

People who inject meth will need a very different set of items in order to do it.

These items will likely include:

  • syringes
  • something to act as a tourniquet
  • spoons
  • tin foil
  • belt
  • rope
  • surgical tube

It may seem odd to consider a spoon drug paraphernalia, but in this case, you are looking for a spoon that is burnt on the bottom.

This is because people who inject meth (or heroin or cocaine) will use lighters to heat the drug up on a spoon or tin foil to dissolve it.

Other Types Of Meth Paraphernalia

Other types of meth drug paraphernalia include common items that are often associated with meth substance abuse but not in a functional way.

Glow Sticks

Methamphetamine causes your eyes to dilate and move rapidly which increases ocular light sensation.

People who use the drug will often want to enjoy that feeling, so they may keep glow sticks with them for when they are high.

This can also be the case with methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA or ecstasy).

Eye Drops

However, the effect of meth on your eyes can also be a clear sign to others that you are using the drug. For this reason, people who use meth will have objects to conceal it.

One such object is eye drops. These will soothe their eyes and help decrease dilation. They may also habitually wear sunglasses, even when there is no need.


Plastic baggies (like the ones you would put a snack or a sandwich in) are another common household item that can double as drug paraphernalia.

Meth is a controlled substance and not packaged, so a baggie is often used to contain it.

Treatment Programs For Meth Addiction

The side effects of methamphetamine drug abuse are drastic and can include poor mental health, weight loss, tooth decay, and even psychosis.

For this reason, it may help to seek a certified meth treatment program to help you overcome compounding meth abuse issues, such as drug addiction.

Meth addiction does not have to be the defining feature of your or your loved one’s life.

You or your family members can find help at a treatment center where evidence-based therapy can help you achieve sobriety, such as Bedrock Recovery Center.

Find Substance Abuse Treatment Services At Bedrock Recovery Center

At Bedrock Recovery Center on the east coast, we understand the difficulties of overcoming meth addiction and are ready to discuss treatment options that meet your needs.

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