Booty Bumping Meth: Dangers Of Rectally Administering Meth

Rectal meth administration (through the anus) is known as booty bumping methamphetamine. It increases risk of HIV, STIs, hepatitis, bleeding, and hemorrhoids. Some people claim that booty bumps give them a huge rush and allow them to engage in sexual activity for hours.

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Booty bumping meth, also known as boofing, is the process of administering meth via rectal means, i.e., inserting meth into one’s anus.

Rectally administering the drug may provide a faster high than other methods of intaking meth. But you should be aware of the side effects and dangers associated with booty bumping meth.

How Booty Bumping Meth Works

Booty bumping involves injecting drugs (usually meth or cocaine) mixed with water and injected into the rectum with a needleless syringe.

Materials Used For Booty Bumping

Some people may find booty bumping supplies from harm reduction-focused syringe service programs.

Materials people use in booty bumping meth include:

  • 1 milliliter (mL) syringe without a needle
  • sanitized mixing utensils (shot glass or mixing cup)
  • sterile water or cooled and filtered boiled water
  • vitamin E capsules
  • lube (petroleum jelly)

The Process Of Booty Bumping

The first step of booty bumping meth is taking a bowel movement (pooping) to remove trace amounts of fecal matter from the body. To do so, people often use a thorough enema or douche.

Next, a small amount of water is measured into a clean container. The meth is dissolved in water and transferred to a needleless syringe.

The person taking the drug then assumes position by standing up while lifting one leg or laying on the stomach, side, or back.

Then, it’s time to administer the booty bump. People do this by slowly plugging the syringe into the anus and injecting its contents.

Lastly, they may insert vitamin E capsules in the anus to speed up the healing of micro-tears.

Dangers Of Booty Bumping Meth

Booty bumping can cause an intense high for several hours, but it poses various health risks.

Regular booty bumps can cause bleeding due to tears in the anus, hemorrhoids, and rectal pain. Boofing can also hurt your nervous system.

Other dangers of booty bumping include:

STI Transmission And Risk Of HIV

Studies have shown that rectal administration of substances, such as methamphetamine, can increase the risk of STIs and HIV.

Booty bumping meth can make people feel the urge to have sex — especially anal sex — increasing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Sharing needles for booty bumps can also cause infections of hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases. The lack of sterilization when not using clean equipment adds to these risks.

Rectum Abscesses

The rectum is a sensitive area and can develop abscesses. They can be very painful and cause rectal bleeding.

If an abscess is left untreated, it could burst, spreading bacteria throughout your body.

Meth Overdose

If you’re booty bumping meth, you can take too much, leading to a meth overdose. This can cause a stroke, fast heart rate, and heart attack and is often fatal.

Why People Booty Bump Meth

In addition to getting an intense, long-term high, people go for boot bumps for:

Chemsex Parties

Many people choose to administer methamphetamine or mephedrone stimulant drugs to help them stay awake and have sex for more extended periods.

It is also a way to avoid detection from police or friends and family members who might otherwise be concerned about drug use and chemsex.

Considered A ‘Safer’ Route Of Administration

Some people choose to administer methamphetamine via rectal administration because they believe it is safer than other routes of administration. This is not true, however.

The rectal route may also be chosen by people who are hesitant to inject methamphetamine to avoid possible injection-related injuries, infections, death, or overdose.

Addiction Treatment Services For Meth Use

Behavioral therapy is one of the most regularly used harm reduction practices for meth addiction. The San Francisco Aids Foundation routinely uses this method throughout substance rehabilitation.

Medications, such as naloxone, and psychological evaluation and treatment of mental health problems, such as depression, serve as meth addiction treatment options.

To address a meth addiction, quality and intensive treatment is necessary, such as in an inpatient, medically monitored program.

Long-term monitoring in an inpatient or outpatient facility can help prevent relapse.

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Bedrock Recovery Center can assist you in quitting using drugs or alcohol. We offer tailored addiction therapy in secure settings.

Contact Bedrock Recovery Center to seek help quitting methamphetamine use.

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