Liquid Xanax: 6 Things To Be Aware Of

Liquid Xanax is sometimes prescribed as an alternative to the tablet form. When illegally purchased, liquid Xanax may contain alprazolam, but often doesn’t. Drugs sold as liquid Xanax may share a number of properties, including high risk of addiction, overdose, and allergic reaction.

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Alprazolam intensol is the generic name for the only true liquid Xanax.

It is an oral solution prescribed to people who may struggle with taking a tablet but require treatment for anxiety disorders, panic disorders, or panic attacks.

There are also street drugs that go by the name liquid Xanax. These drugs are not regulated by the FDA and pose a significant risk to anyone who uses them.

Here are the top six things you should keep in mind if you’re abusing any form of liquid Xanax.

What To Be Aware Of About Liquid Xanax

Here are the top six things you should keep in mind if you’re abusing any form of liquid Xanax.

1. Some Street Versions Of Liquid Xanax Don’t Contain Alprazolam

Prescription liquid Xanax is made with alprazolam, but much of the “liquid Xanax” sold on the street is not.

Outside of legitimate medical use, liquid Xanax is far more likely to be either etizolam or flubromazolam.

Both drugs are chemically similar to other benzodiazepines like Ativan (lorazepam). However, they do not contain alprazolam, the active ingredient in brand name Xanax.

2. Liquid Xanax Is Highly Addictive

Liquid Xanax is addictive in all forms. Each version is either part of the benzodiazepine family or closely related pharmacologically.

The primary function of these drugs is to bind with the GABA receptors in your central nervous system to calm neural activity, but the release of large amounts of dopamine is a side effect.

The release of this hormone is linked to the fact that these drugs all carry a risk of addiction.

3. Misusing Liquid Xanax May Lead To Withdrawal Symptoms

Using liquid Xanax without a prescription or outside of the limits set by your healthcare provider may cause physical dependence.

When you become physically dependent on this medication, you will likely begin to experience Xanax withdrawal symptoms until you’re able to get your next dose.

4. Liquid Xanax May Be Mixed Into Food Or Drinks

Liquid Xanax can be easily mixed into food or drinks without losing any of its efficacy.

While that can make the drug easier to take for some people, it also means that you could take liquid Xanax without being aware.

Xanax can cause short-term memory loss, lightheadedness, and drowsiness bordering on sleepiness. These properties mean that Xanax is sometimes used as a “date rape” drug.

To avoid the risk of being exposed to liquid Xanax without your permission, stick to sealed food and drinks whenever possible.

5. Essential Oils Are Sometimes Marketed As Liquid Xanax

Some essential oils are sold under the name “liquid Xanax.”

This marketing is in poor taste but is intended to convey the idea that the essential oil recipe is so relaxing that it relieves anxiety.

These products are not ingestible drugs, and they should never be taken as such.

6. It’s Easy To Overdose On Liquid Xanax

Alprazolam, etizolam, and flubromazolam are all potent drugs.

There is some variation, but generally 1 milligram of any one of these is the equivalent of 10 milligrams of diazepam (Valium).

Proper dosing of these drugs requires minute measurements with a dropper based on your medical history. This isn’t available with illicit use.

That means it is very easy to overdose on liquid Xanax.

If that wasn’t enough, liquid Xanax cannot be combined with a wide variety of medications.

You may experience life-threatening side effects if you are also taking:

  • antidepressants
  • antihistamines
  • cimetidine
  • codeine
  • erythromycin
  • fluoxetine
  • fluvoxamine
  • itraconazole
  • ketoconazole
  • nefazodone
  • opioids
  • sertraline
  • supplements

Treatment Options For Liquid Xanax Addiction

All members of the benzodiazepine family and their chemical relations can form dangerous drug addictions that are challenging to treat.

If you are ready to stop abusing liquid Xanax, it is vital that you seek professional help. Attempting to quit any benzo “cold turkey” could be fatal.

Qualified treatment centers offer medical detox to slowly taper you off drugs for a much safer experience.

The entire Xanax addiction treatment process will likely take two or three months, but it is necessary to avoid serious side effects.

Once you’re through detox, your addiction rehab center will offer therapeutic aftercare to help you adjust to a life without drug abuse.

Find Addiction Treatment Services At Bedrock Recovery Center

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we treat substance abuse like any other health condition.

From medical detox to support groups and cognitive behavioral therapy, we are ready to pull out all the stops to ensure you get the health care and mental health support that you need.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to liquid Xanax, call our Massachusetts location today to learn how we can help.

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