Top 7 Sober Halloween Activities

Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated events in the United States. The fall season is always packed with fun activities, but many of them may involve alcohol. This can be stressful for someone who’s newly sober after rehab

Fortunately, there are many ways to stay sober while still enjoying the festivities. 

1. Attend A Halloween Recovery Event 

Many recovery support groups offer special holiday meetings. Sober homes and sober community groups are also good places to check. You can meet other people in recovery and build relationships and accountability. 

Some support groups to look into include: 

These events can be beneficial since you can fully relax knowing you’re in a safe environment without drugs or alcohol. You may also learn some healthy coping mechanisms for attending non-sober Halloween events. 

2. Host A Sober Party 

If you’re not comfortable attending a party where there may be drugs or alcohol, host your own. You can make it as simple as a spooky potluck with a few friends or have a more extravagant costume party — the possibilities are endless. 

Not only does this put you in control of your sobriety, but it can also help you build a community and have fun with your loved ones. 

3. Volunteer At A Halloween Event 

Volunteering is a wonderful thing at all times of the year, but holidays provide unique opportunities for getting involved. 

Churches, libraries, community centers, and local haunted houses may all need volunteers for different events. 

If your town hosts a trunk-or-treat event, you can participate by handing out candy, stickers, or other kid-friendly treats. Nursing homes and food banks may also have opportunities for helping out. 

By volunteering, you benefit yourself and your community. Volunteering has been proven to boost mood and counteract stress and anxiety, and you can learn new skills and make friends. 

4. Check Out Pumpkin Patches, Haunted Houses, Or Festivals 

If you like the scary aspects of Halloween, check out some local haunted houses or spooky-themed hayrides. These may be small, backyard events or professional affairs with refreshments and vendors. 

If getting scared isn’t your style, pumpkin patches, local fairs, and fall-themed festivals are also great options. Many of these are family-friendly by design, so there will be limited opportunities for substance use to worry about. 

5. Carve Pumpkins With Friends

Picking out and carving a pumpkin to set out on your stoop is a great way to get into the Halloween mood. You can gather some friends and family and make an event out of it with Halloween music or treats. 

Once you’ve carved the pumpkin, try roasting the seeds or baking the carved-out pieces to use in a pumpkin pie smoothie.

6. Have A Scary Movie Marathon 

Whether you’re flying solo or hanging out with friends, scary movies are a sure way to enjoy the Halloween season. 

Cue up the streaming service of your choice and settle in with popcorn and your favorite snacks for a fun, low-key holiday. 

If you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of scary movies available, check out this carefully curated list of Halloween movies to see what strikes you. 

7. Bake Tasty Halloween Treats 

Pinterest, YouTube, and other social media apps are chock-full of simple, fun, and tasty treats you can whip up for the holiday. 

These can be shared with friends, family, or trick-or-treaters. Like similar creative tasks, baking has proven benefits for mental health. 

It’s Okay Not To Celebrate 

Maybe you’re not in the mood this year, or maybe partaking in substances around Halloween is still too enticing. Whatever your reason, it’s perfectly okay to take a year off from the festivities. 

If you’re not ready to celebrate, consider taking a day to practice self-care. This is a great time to try a new recipe, relax in a bubble bath, practice meditation, and review your relapse prevention plan.

Halloween will always come back around again, with plenty of opportunities to celebrate it sober.

Find Treatment For Addiction 

If you or someone you love are experiencing an addiction, Bedrock Recovery Center in Canton, Massachusetts, can help.

We offer inpatient recovery care with experienced professionals to support you through the holiday season and beyond.

To learn more, visit our website or call our 24/7 helpline to speak to a specialist.

  1. Alcoholics Anonymous
  2. Narcotics Anonymous — Zonal, Regional, and Area Events

Written by Bedrock Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: October 25, 2022

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