Brookline, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Substance use disorder treatment in Brookline, Massachusetts is available through a number of different programs. These addiction treatment centers provide a mix of evidence-based and holistic therapies for drug and alcohol treatment.

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There are a variety of resources for addiction treatment in Brookline, MA, and the surrounding area. These resources include detox centers, sober living, and outpatient treatment.

If you are looking for addiction treatment programs in Massachusetts for yourself or a loved one, there are a number of possible options across various levels of care.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Brookline, MA

Brookline, MA, is a part of the larger Boston metropolitan area and located just southwest of the city center. With a population of roughly 60,000, Brookline is a relatively small city.

Our team has listed relevant substance abuse trends for Brookline, MA below.

Trends in drug and alcohol abuse in Brookline, MA:

  • Alcohol abuse rates among young adults in Massachusetts are significantly higher than the national average.
  • The rate of opioid-related overdose deaths is significantly lower in Brookline than in other Massachusetts cities of similar size.
  • Rates of substance use among adolescents appear to be declining in Brookline, MA.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Brookline, MA

There are a variety of addiction treatment choices in the Brookline, MA area.

You can find programs that offer everything from informal support groups to long-term residential care with medical detox programs.

The type of program you choose will ultimately determine the types of addiction treatment you have access to.

Addiction recovery services may include:

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Brookline, MA

Most health insurance plans offer partial or complete coverage for addiction recovery programs.

While treatment options may vary depending on your plan, there are a variety of rehab centers that can meet your needs.

MassHealth Insurance

Massachusetts’ Medicaid program is known as MassHealth. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid does not have a minimum age requirement or a disability requirement.

Medicaid is purely designed to provide healthcare coverage to people who have fewer financial resources.

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare is Massachusetts’ second-largest health insurance provider. This not-for-profit company has over 2 million members spread across New England.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance is the most frequently accepted type of insurance, especially if your insurance is through a major company.

If you do not qualify for Medicaid, you may be able to access affordable health insurance through a private company using your state’s insurance marketplace.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Brookline, MA

Making the decision to start an addiction recovery program can be daunting.

To help clear up any questions you may have, our team has gathered the most common questions regarding addiction treatment in Brookline, MA.

How Common Is It For People To Relapse After Rehab In Brookline, MA?

Relapse following addiction treatment is a common occurrence regardless of where you are. Overall, about half of people will relapse, most of them within 90 days of sobriety.

While this may seem discouraging, it’s a normal part of the process. Most people require a few experiences with treatment before they achieve long-term recovery.

Of course, relapse isn’t ideal. That is why addiction treatment programs in Brookline, MA, offer comprehensive aftercare and relapse prevention services.

What Role Does Holistic Therapy Play In Addiction Treatment In Brookline, MA?

Holistic therapies are supplemental treatments that are typically used at rehab facilities in Brookline, MA, to improve your general wellness.

Activities like yoga, massage, and meditation can help you reconnect with your body and your mind, which many people find helpful as they go through the process of recovery.

Can A Person Be Put In Drug Rehab Against Their Will In Brookline, MA?

An adult may put their minor child into a drug addiction treatment facility even if the child doesn’t want to go.

Without the interference of medical and legal professionals, an adult cannot be forced into an addiction treatment program in Brookline, MA.

Is Inpatient Rehab More Effective Than Outpatient Treatment In Brookline, MA?

Inpatient rehab lasting three months or longer can be associated with a reduced risk of relapse in Brookline, MA.

With that said, outpatient and short-term programs can be highly effective if you have a structured and supportive home life with people who are dedicated to your long-term recovery.

How Can I Make Addiction Treatment More Affordable In Brookline, MA?

Your health insurance should be able to make treatment services affordable in Brookline, MA. If you do not have insurance or your coverage is incomplete, there are other options.

Talk to your chosen drug and alcohol rehab program to learn more about the payment options they offer. Sliding fee scales and payment plans are tools that can offset the cost of treatment.

Find Substance Use Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you are considering a substance abuse treatment plan for yourself or a family member, call our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center.

Our team will walk you through everything you need to know to find appropriate drug and alcohol addiction care in the Brookline area.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Brookline, MA

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Brookline, MA

  1. Brookline Department of Public Health
  2. Department of Public Health (DPH)
  3. Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  4. National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
  5. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

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Published on: August 24, 2022

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