Haverhill, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Substance use disorder treatment programs in Haverhill, MA use a combination of evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to provide addiction care. These programs accept a range of health insurance options to help cover the cost of treatment.

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Haverhill, MA is home to a number of drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

These rehab facilities offer a wide range of treatment options including detox programs, methadone treatment, and inpatient rehab.

If you are looking for drug and alcohol treatment in Massachusetts for yourself or a loved one, you can find evidence-based drug addiction treatment in Haverhill, MA.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Haverhill, MA

Haverhill, MA is a coastal city located north of Boston and near the New Hampshire border. Our team has provided recent local addiction statistics below.

Drug and alcohol abuse rates in Haverhill, MA:

  • Haverhill’s rate of opioid-related deaths steadily declined between 2015 and 2019 until an increase in 2020
  • Massachusetts ranked #17 out of 50 for overdose deaths.
  • Some estimates suggest that up to 12% of Massachusetts adolescents have used illicit drugs.

While the overall rate of substance use disorders in Massachusetts is comparable to other states in the region, these rates are substantially higher among certain demographics.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Haverhill, MA

Drug treatment often requires personalized treatment plans that take individual medical history and co-occurring disorders into account.

In order to meet that need, drug rehab programs offer a wide variety of behavioral health services.

Addiction recovery services may include:

  • 12-step programs
  • acute treatment services
  • alcohol detox
  • aftercare services
  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • dialectical behavior therapy
  • drug detox
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • family therapy
  • group therapy
  • inpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • long-term addiction treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • medication management
  • motivational interviewing
  • partial hospitalization
  • residential treatment
  • sober living facilities
  • support groups

While a single facility may not be able to provide every single one of these services, you will find that addiction treatment programs in the Haverhill area are able to offer a number of options.

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Haverhill, MA

Addiction treatment is an important aspect of healthcare. As such, most major insurance providers offer partial or total coverage for detoxification and addiction treatment.

Each addiction treatment facility accepts several types of insurance to help ensure that you have affordable access to treatment.

MassHealth Insurance

MassHealth is Massachusetts’ Medicaid program. This state-run health insurance program is designed to provide affordable healthcare to qualifying residents.

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid does not require you to be a senior citizen or disabled to qualify. Eligibility for MassHealth is based on your income.

Find out more about MassHealth coverage for addiction treatment.

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare is the second-largest health insurance provider in the state of Massachusetts.

As a non-profit healthcare organization with connections throughout New England, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare may be able to connect you with affordable mental health services.

Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance through companies like Beacon, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provide insurance coverage for drug rehab.

To learn whether your insurance is accepted, contact our team at Bedrock Recovery Services.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Haverhill, MA

Choosing the right addiction treatment center is a personal decision that should be based on your personal comfort and medical history.

These frequently asked questions may be able to help you ascertain where you are most likely to receive the treatment services you need.

What Levels Of Care Are Available At Addiction Treatment Centers In Haverhill, MA?

Specific addiction treatment facilities in Haverhill, MA will offer different levels of care.

With that said, you can access anything from outpatient treatment to a long-term residential program in the Haverhill region.

Do Interventions Work To Help Get People Into Drug Rehab In Haverhill, MA?

The data suggests that interventions can be successfully used to help people into drug rehab when they are done properly.

Before staging your own intervention, contact a reputable addiction treatment center in Haverhill, MA to ask about best practices and to learn if interventions are an available service.

What Treatment Tools Are Used For Addiction At Rehab Centers In Haverhill, MA?

Every addiction treatment facility in Haverhill, MA, will have its own collection of preferred treatment tools.

If you are only considering rehabilitation programs that use evidence-based approaches, you can expect behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment to both play a major role.

An individual facility may introduce additional psychotherapies and holistic treatments to help create a well-rounded program.

How Do Drug Rehab Programs In Haverhill, MA Help Promote Relapse Prevention?

Addiction is a tricky health condition filled with ups and downs. As such, relapse prevention is a crucial part of any drug and alcohol treatment program.

In Haverhill, MA, drug and alcohol rehab programs often provide aftercare services and long-term support groups as part of their active mission to reduce the risk of relapse.

What Other Payment Options Are Available Through Addiction Treatment Centers In Haverhill, MA?

If you do not have private health insurance or Medicaid, you may be eligible for other payment programs through your specific drug rehab center.

Sliding fee scales and payment plans are available through some programs in order to make addiction treatment more accessible.

Find Substance Use Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you are looking for substance abuse treatment near Haverhill, Lawrence, or Merrimack, contact our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center.

We provide a variety of addiction recovery programs at rehabilitation centers that are easily accessible to people in northeastern Massachusetts.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Haverhill, MA

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Haverhill, MA

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Published on: August 24, 2022

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