Woburn, MA Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Woburn, Massachusetts provides access to a variety of substance abuse treatment programs. Each program uses a combination of therapies to create individualized treatment plans across multiple levels of care.

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People looking for addiction recovery programs in Woburn, MA, will find that the state has a lot to offer in the way of robust drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

You can access a range of different Massachusetts addiction treatment options depending on personal preferences and medical necessity.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Woburn, MA

Woburn, MA is located just north of Boston in Middlesex County. According to the last census, this small city is home to approximately 40,000 people.

Our team has collected information regarding trends in drug and alcohol addiction in Woburn, MA below.

Trends in drug and alcohol abuse in Woburn, MA:

  • Opioid-related overdose deaths have increased in Woburn, MA over the past five years.
  • Nearly 70% of addiction treatment admissions are due to heroin use.
  • Of those enrolled in programs in 2017, 42% used alcohol.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Woburn, MA

Drug and alcohol treatment programs in Woburn, MA offer a variety of evidence-based and holistic treatment services. The services available to you will depend on your chosen program.

Addiction recovery services may include:

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Woburn, MA

Health insurance companies typically offer partial or total coverage for addiction treatment programs.

The specific details of your coverage will depend on your insurance plan. To learn more about what is included in your coverage, contact our team at Bedrock Recovery Center.

MassHealth Insurance

MassHealth is Massachusetts’ Medicaid program. This government-run insurance program provides affordable healthcare to people who meet specific income eligibility requirements.

Medicaid is not universally accepted at all drug treatment centers, so you should check with your program to ensure that Medicaid is an accepted form of payment.

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare

Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare is a non-profit health insurance company with constituents throughout New England.
They are currently the second-largest health insurance company in Massachusetts, which allows Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare to work with a wide variety of providers.

Cigna Insurance

Cigna is a national private health insurance provider based in Boston.

Thanks to their sizable local network, there are a number of alcohol and drug treatment options if you want to use Cigna for addiction treatment.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Woburn, MA

Choosing the right drug and alcohol rehab center for your needs can be daunting.

In order to help you make an informed decision that benefits your interests, our team has gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about addiction treatment in Woburn, MA.

What Are Withdrawal Symptoms I May Experience In Detox?

Detoxification is one of the first steps in beginning your addiction recovery. If you have developed a physical dependence, withdrawal can be unpleasant, but it is manageable.

Before beginning a drug or alcohol detox program, ask your healthcare provider in Woburn, MA for medical advice. Withdrawal from some substances can be dangerous without medical supervision.

With the proper support of a detox program, withdrawal symptoms should be moderate. You can generally expect fatigue, irritability, insomnia, anxiety, digestive upset, and nightmares.

How Will My Addiction Be Assessed When I Start My Rehab Program In Woburn, MA?

When you first start a rehab program in Woburn, MA, you will be professionally assessed to determine the severity of your addiction.

This process can involve a few prying questions, as your evaluator will need to have a detailed history of your substance use and a thorough understanding of your current mental health.

In general, your assessment will help staff understand the extent to which your substance use disorder has affected your physical health, mental health, and relationships with other people.

What Is The Value Of Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment?

Evidence-based addiction treatment is commonly implemented in rehab programs because there is scientific evidence to support their use in addiction care.

In each case, these treatments have been thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed, and replicated to show that they directly benefit people who are in recovery.

Of course, evidence-based treatments are not the only available approach in Woburn, MA. Many programs include wellness therapies and faith-based programming for optimal support.

How Will My Addiction Affect My Long-Term Health?

The long-term health effects of your addiction will depend on your history of substance abuse. Some drugs do permanent damage quickly while others take decades to cause irreversible harm.

To better understand how your addiction has harmed your mental and physical health, you will need to consult with a professional at your treatment program in Woburn, MA.

The good news is that much of the damage caused by drug and alcohol addiction is treatable if not curable.

How Long Is The Maintenance Phase Of Addiction?

Relapse following addiction treatment is incredibly common, especially in the first 90 days of sobriety.

The maintenance phase refers to the period of time where you are working hard to prevent relapse following your initial treatment.

As with everything related to addiction, there are a number of variables involved. While the maintenance stage may be six months for some, it can last up to five years for others.

Find Substance Use Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you are considering substance abuse treatment in Woburn, MA for yourself or a loved one, call our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center.

Our team will provide you with information on our addiction treatment program in Massachusetts, including enrollment, payment options, and treatment plans.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Woburn, MA

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Woburn, MA

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