Conway, NH Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

There are many addiction treatment programs for residents in Conway, NH who wish to get sober from drugs and alcohol. Treatment may include inpatient and outpatient choices. Treatment plans are customized, and most addiction treatment centers accept insurance and offer payment options.

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There is a wide range of substance abuse treatment options in Conway, NH. There are many ways programs aid individuals looking to achieve sobriety.

Addiction treatment programs in New Hampshire may include intensive outpatient programs (IOP), support groups and more. You can find qualified medical staff privileged to help you or your loved one.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Conway, NH

Bordering White Mountain National Forest, Conway is a busy town in Carroll County, New Hampshire, and home to over 9,800 people.

Rates of substance use in Conway, NH:

  • Carroll County has relatively low drug abuse and overdose rates compared to other counties in New Hampshire.
  • However, there were higher abuse rates in August compared to June and July in 2022 according to the New Hampshire Drug Monitoring Initiative.
  • Narcan administration was up in August 2022 compared to the month prior, and Conway was in the 11-25 range of Narcan administration out of a 1-400 range.

Though most treatment admissions in New Hampshire were due to fentanyl and heroin, total opioid treatment admissions have decreased in the month of August from earlier months in the year.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Conway, NH

Getting substance abuse treatment doesn’t have to be a confusing experience. There are many programs designed to help you find the support, education, and medical care that you need.

Substance abuse services may provide:

With mental health services, and an extensive array of rehab programs, these treatment services can help make your treatment center experience an effective one.

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment Programs In Conway, NH

Whether searching for outpatient or residential programs, various addiction treatment centers are likely to accept your insurance. However, you will always need to check first.

Contact the addiction treatment program and your insurance company to find out if your plan is accepted.

Private Health Insurance

Most major private health insurance providers are accepted by alcohol and drug treatment programs. There are a number of private health insurance plans, such as Anthem, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and more.

Most insurance programs are required to cover addiction services, however, you will want to check with your insurance provider before enrolling in an alcohol and drug treatment program.

State And Federally Funded Options

Medicaid may be an option if you are within certain federal income limit guidelines, or have other requisites. People of all ages can apply for NH Medicaid.

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment facilities should be covered by NH Medicaid, including opioid treatment programs, dual diagnosis services, recovery support services, and more.

Financial Assistance

You may qualify for financial assistance, and there are a number of options that you can explore, such as non-profit programs like Salvation Army.

There are grants such as those from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and other organizations, many that you can apply to online or that facilities utilize.

You can also speak to the detox center that you are seeking to attend, and they may have payment options such as a sliding scale or a payment plan service. You do not have to neglect your healthcare needs.

FAQs For Rehabilitation Facilities In Conway, NH

Here are answers to questions about alcohol and drug addiction services. If you have any further questions, reach out to Bedrock Recovery Center’s helpline.

Why Should I Choose A Rehab Program In Conway, NH?

Substance use disorder treatment is complex, and it is good to have as much help as you can get. Services are designed to help you heal and work toward sober living.

There are medically assisted detoxification services, as detoxing can become dangerous to do unsupervised. There are also therapy services, groups, and wellness offerings to help you focus singularly on healing.

Rehabilitation services can teach you skills you may not have learned otherwise, and also provide you with a caring community.

Why Is Family Therapy Considered In Rehabilitation Treatment In Conway, NH?

Families work within a system, and family dynamics may play a part in both hindering and promoting healing from substance use.

Family therapy can help you and your family members work through these dynamics.

What Is Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy For Addiction In Conway, NH?

Mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT) includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness practices such as meditation and being present.

It can help with feelings of depression, self-esteem, anxiety, and more. It can be effective for some in the process of addiction recovery.

Find Substance Abuse Services At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you are seeking an inpatient rehab center or outpatient rehab program, Bedrock Recovery Center has the services you are looking for. Our drug and alcohol rehab facility has short-term and long-term programs.

Whether you reside in Fryeburg, Bridgton, Wolfeboro, Auburn, or in Maine, our care team is ready to help you develop a plan to reach your goals. Reach out to Bedrock Recovery Center today.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Conway, NH

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Conway, NH

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Published on: October 6, 2022

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