Drug Rehab Centers In Plaistow, NH

Plaistow, New Hampshire, provides access to a variety of drug and alcohol addiction treatment options to help people recover from substance abuse. These options often include a combination of scientific and holistic approaches to provide comprehensive care.

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Plaistow, NH, is home to a number of addiction treatment services that offer options across several levels of care.

If you or a loved one needs substance use disorder treatment in New Hampshire, Plaistow may have drug and alcohol rehab programs that meet your unique needs.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Plaistow, NH

Plaistow is a relatively small town in Rockingham County, New Hampshire. The town sits on the Massachusetts border, north of Haverhill. In 2020, the population was just under 8,000.

Trends in drug and alcohol abuse in Plaistow, NH

  • Opioid dependency is the most common reason people enroll in addiction treatment programs in Rockingham County.
  • While numbers are relatively low, Rockingham County has the second-highest rate of addiction treatment admissions for cocaine/crack in New Hampshire.
  • Roughly 9% of people in New Hampshire over the age of 12 have a substance use disorder in comparison to the national average of 7.4%.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Plaistow, NH

To provide comprehensive care for a wide variety of people, addiction treatment facilities in Plaistow, NH, need to incorporate a group of recovery services that can be tailored to your needs.

Ultimately, the drug and alcohol treatment options available to you will depend on the facility you choose and your condition, so review treatment offerings at each rehab center carefully.

Addiction recovery services may include: 

  • 12-step programs
  • adolescent programs
  • aftercare services
  • alcohol treatment
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • family counseling services
  • group therapy
  • inpatient rehab programs
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • methadone maintenance
  • outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • sober living facilities
  • supervised drug and alcohol detox
  • support groups

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Plaistow, NH

It is fairly typical for private health insurance in the United States to include coverage for substance abuse treatment.

If you would like to know what your health insurance plan includes, contact our Bedrock Recovery Center hotline to go over your insurance and additional payment options.

New Hampshire Medicaid

Medicaid is a government-run insurance program that provides affordable healthcare to qualifying individuals and families.

Unlike Medicare, Medicaid does not have many requirements beyond financial eligibility. As with all types of health insurance, Medicaid is not universally accepted.

If you wish to apply Medicaid to your treatment, you will need to check that it is accepted by your rehab program.

Cigna Insurance

Cigna is a relatively large health insurance company that directly operates in 12 states and works with countless treatment providers across the country.

If you would like to use your Cigna insurance for addiction treatment, you should contact your insurance representative to learn more about your options.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) is one of the largest health insurance companies in the nation. This non-profit operates in all 50 states and offers a range of different treatment plans.

To better understand your BCBS coverage and how you can apply it to treatment, contact your insurance representative or an enrollment specialist at your preferred rehab program.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Plaistow, NH

Choosing the alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility that is best suited to your needs requires the careful consideration of multiple factors.

To help you make the best decision for your situation, our team has put together answers to some of the most common questions that people ask regarding addiction treatment in Plaistow, NH.

What Treatment Options In Plaistow, NH Are Best For My Substance Use Disorder?

Some substance use disorders respond better to specific evidence-based treatments.

If you want to learn more about the treatment options that provide the best long-term outcomes for cases like yours, there are two resources you can use in Plaistow, NH.

You can make a consultation appointment with a qualified healthcare provider who specializes in addiction medicine and ask for their medical advice.

You can also go to your preferred rehab center for an evaluation of your case and a discussion of potential treatment plans.

What Are The Most Common Withdrawal Symptoms I Can Expect During Detox In Plaistow, NH?

Going through withdrawal in Plaistow, NH, can be dangerous in certain situations, which is why many professionals strongly suggest the use of accredited detox centers.

Fortunately, the majority of withdrawal symptoms are relatively moderate. Nausea, fatigue, body aches, irritability, and vivid nightmares are some of the most commonly experienced symptoms.

Keep in mind that your experience may be more intense if you have other underlying health conditions or if you are addicted to alcohol, benzodiazepines, or opioids.

What Is The Most Effective Option For Addiction Treatment In Plaistow, NH?

Addiction is not a “one-size-fits-all” condition. The most effective treatment option in Plaistow, NH for you will depend on your individual situation.

With that said, some of the most statistically effective treatments are behavioral therapy and medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

You can keep these options in mind while choosing an addiction treatment approach, but you may find that other treatments are even better suited to you.

Can I Continue Working During Substance Abuse Treatment In Plaistow, NH?

If you choose an outpatient program in Plaistow, NH,  you may be able to continue working throughout the course of your treatment.

Your ability to work will depend on your schedule, the intensity of your chosen program, and your response to treatment.

In any case, you should consider taking at least one week off for detoxification at a supervised or medical detox program.

During this time period, you may feel quite ill and you’re vulnerable to more serious withdrawal symptoms, so it is best to give yourself the time to rest in supervised care.

Do Rehab Centers In Plaistow, NH Offer Aftercare Services?

Aftercare services are not provided by every substance abuse treatment program, but they are available through some of the programs in the Plaistow, NH area.

These services help to provide continued support after you’ve completed your main treatment program, and they’re a vital tool for relapse prevention.

While aftercare services may vary, many include options for continued counseling as well as connections to community aid organizations.

Find Substance Use Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you are ready to begin substance abuse treatment in Plaistow, Nashua, Merrimack, or Manchester, consider calling our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center.

Our dedicated staff can answer all of your questions and help you choose from our accredited treatment plans for the best possible fit.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Plaistow, NH

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Plaistow, NH

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Published on: October 12, 2022

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