Smithtown, NY Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Smithtown, New York, is home to a number of treatment programs that offer addiction recovery services. While each program has its own approach, it is common for addiction treatment to combine evidence-based therapies and wellness activities

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Alcohol and drug rehab centers in Smithtown, NY, offer a variety of addiction treatment programs to meet your individual needs.

If you need substance abuse treatment in New York state, you may want to consider your options in Smithtown, NY.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Smithtown, NY

Smithtown, NY is a part of Suffolk County on the north shore of New York’s Long Island. The town had an estimated population size of roughly 116,000 in the 2020 census.

Our team has gathered recent data related to trends in substance abuse for Smithtown, NY below.

Trends in drug and alcohol abuse in Smithtown, NY:

  • Suffolk County has the 15th-highest opioid burden out of the 62 counties in New York state.
  • Between 2018 and 2019, emergency visits in Suffolk County for heroin overdoses decreased dramatically.
  • Current statistics suggest that the pandemic may contribute to a resurgence in the opioid crisis for Suffolk County.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Smithtown, NY

Every alcohol and drug addiction rehab program has their own approach.

Your treatment plan will typically be customized to fit your needs, but the services you receive may also be limited by the levels of care that your facility is able to provide.

Addiction recovery services may include: 

  • 12-step programs
  • adolescent programs
  • aftercare services
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • detoxification
  • dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • group counseling services
  • inpatient treatment
  • intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • internal family services (IFS) therapy
  • long-term residential treatment
  • methadone maintenance
  • motivational interviewing
  • outpatient treatment
  • partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • sober living facilities
  • support groups

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Smithtown, NY

If you have private health insurance, you most likely have coverage for substance abuse treatment included in your plan to help prevent future health issues.

To learn more about what that coverage entails, contact our hotline at Bedrock Recovery Center to discuss your health insurance.

New York State Medicaid

Medicaid is a federal program that helps to provide affordable healthcare to people with fewer financial resources. To qualify for Medicaid, you do not need to meet the standards for Medicare.

Medicaid is a separate program, and eligibility is based solely on your income. To use Medicaid for addiction treatment, contact the rehab center of your choice to check that they accept Medicaid.

If your drug rehab program of choice does not accept Medicaid, ask about their sliding fee scales and other payment options.

Cigna Insurance

Cigna is a national health insurance company with a base of operations in New England. The size of the network and widespread brand recognition provides Cigna clients with many options.

If you would like to use your Cigna insurance for substance use disorder treatment, contact your insurance representative to go over the details of your coverage.

Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan

If you are active duty military, you may be eligible for private health insurance coverage through Martin’s Point US Family Health Plan.

This insurance company works with servicemen and women in the northeastern United States to provide additional healthcare as needed.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Smithtown, NY

Choosing the addiction treatment facility that best meets your needs can be a challenge.

To help you get started with the process, our team has put together quick responses to your most common questions regarding addiction treatment in Smithtown, NY.

What Is Drug Tapering, And Will I Need It In Smithtown, NY?

Drug tapering is a method that detox centers in Smithtown, NY use to slowly reduce physical dependency for your safety.

Some drug categories, especially opiates and benzodiazepines, can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms if you attempt to quit “cold turkey.”

If you require drug tapering, your detox program will put together a plan to gradually reduce your daily dosage until you are consuming a low enough dose to fully detox.

Are Harm Reduction Programs In Smithtown, NY Helpful For Addiction Recovery?

Safety is the primary goal of harm reduction programs in Smithtown, NY.

Harm reduction is not a replacement for an alcohol or drug rehab program. However, using a harm reduction program is a great first step if you are not ready for detoxification.

These programs can provide fentanyl testing strips, naloxone, and clean syringes. All of these tools can make it much safer for you to use drugs until you’re ready to take the next step.

Is An Inpatient Rehab Program In Smithtown, NY The Right Choice For Me?

Inpatient treatment services in Smithtown, NY, tend to have more stable success rates because they give you the opportunity to completely focus on recovery.

With that said, inpatient treatment may not be the right choice for you if you have a fulfilling job and a supportive household because an inpatient program could lead to feelings of isolation.

It all comes down to your personal situation and the severity of your addiction.

What Is The Purpose Of Sober Living Facilities In Smithtown, NY?

Sober living facilities in Smithtown, NY act as transitional spaces where you can build a sober lifestyle without the immediate stress of finding work and housing.

Together with others from the same facility you can explore new hobbies, take vocational training classes, and work toward establishing a new life for yourself.

Can Addiction Treatment In Smithtown, NY Cure My Substance Use Disorder?

At this time, there is no cure for addiction. What your drug and alcohol rehab program in Smithtown, NY, can do is provide lasting recovery.

To meet that goal and avoid relapse, take advantage of your rehab facility’s aftercare services and stay connected with your sober community.

Find Substance Use Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

If you need substance use treatment in Smithtown, Brentwood, or Ronkonkoma for yourself or a loved one, give our Bedrock Recovery Center helpline a call.

Our team will talk you through our accredited treatment options and levels of care to help you find the right fit for your situation.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Smithtown, NY

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Smithtown, NY

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Published on: September 22, 2022

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