How Much Does Cocaine Cost?

Cocaine is an addictive, illicit drug with a cost that has gone up substantially in recent years. The price of cocaine is influenced by a range of factors, including the form it’s in, the amount being sold, and its purity.

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How Much Does Cocaine Cost?

Cocaine is one of the most expensive illicit drugs to use because the “high” experienced after a hit is relatively short-lived compared to other stimulants like methamphetamine.

The cost of cocaine by measurement:

  • a gram of cocaine can sell anywhere between $25 and $200
  • a bump of cocaine costs between $1 and $5 dollars, and there are 25 “bumps” (doses) of cocaine per gram
  • the price of crack cocaine is $60 per gram in the United States, on average
  • the price of cocaine addiction per year for someone with a severe substance use disorder could cost between $80,000 to $175,000 annually

On the black market today, crack cocaine and powder cocaine sell for approximately the same price. Depending on a person’s tolerance level, they can go through up to five or more grams of crack or powder cocaine per day.

Why Has The Price Of Cocaine Gone Up?

Cocaine, also known as “coke”, is a stimulant that comes from the coca plant found in Colombia and Peru. After cocaine has been refined into a powder form, it is then trafficked throughout the world by drug cartels.

Due to the dangers surrounding the production of cocaine, the cost has increased significantly over the decades. Currently, the wholesale price of a kilogram of cocaine is worth about $34,000 in the United States.

What Factors Influence Cocaine Prices?

The price of cocaine is also largely determined by the location of where it’s being sold, as well as the purity of the substance.

The Effect Of Purity Levels On Cocaine Cost

Oftentimes, there are substances added to cocaine to increase the weight of the drug. Some of these additives may include laundry detergent, cornstarch, baking soda, or talcum powder.

Dealers may also add other substances such as heroin, caffeine, or fentanyl to increase a person’s high while also diluting the purity of the cocaine.

Typically, the purity and price decreases if there are more additives in the cocaine.

The Effect Of Location On Price

Another important factor on the cost of cocaine is where it’s being sold. The drug is cheapest when bought in South America, with prices as low as $1800 per kilogram, or $4 per gram.

In major cities, the cost will also be lower due to the likelihood that dealers will be competing for the lowest price. Rural areas may feature higher prices for cocaine due to lower competition.

Other factors that contribute to the cost of cocaine:

  • supply and demand
  • local law enforcement
  • distributor or drug trafficking costs
  • national drug laws

Treatment Options For A Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you care about has a cocaine addiction, there are several treatment services available to help you reach sobriety.

Substance abuse treatment programs may offer:

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Finding a reputable drug treatment center can be stressful, but help is available. Call Bedrock Recovery Center today for more information on cocaine use or to learn about our inpatient treatment program.

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Written by Bedrock Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: February 18, 2022

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