How Much Does Heroin Cost?

Heroin is an addictive illegal drug that is one of the most common illicit substances sold on the streets today. The price of heroin is determined by a range of factors including purity, formulation, as well as the amount of the drug being sold.

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How Much Does Heroin Cost?

The price of heroin depends on two primary factors — how much of the substance is being sold and the quality of the heroin itself. Since there is so much heroin flooding the illicit drug market, the cost to the consumer is relatively low.

Cost Of A Bag Of Heroin

A single-use bag, or “baggie”, of heroin can cost anywhere between $5 and $20. People with severe addictions to heroin can go through 10 to 15 bags per day.

Cost Of A Gram Of Heroin

In the United States, a typical gram of heroin costs around $150. This can be cut up to 20 times and sold as individual-use baggies. Currently, a gram of top-quality heroin can sell for up to $500 on the black market.

Cost Of A Kilogram Of Heroin

The wholesale price of a kilo of black tar heroin in the U.S. ranges between $10,000 to $100,000.

What Influences The Price Of Heroin?

Even as heroin has become a popular alternative to prescription opioids, the cost has remained remarkably low compared to other potent drugs such as morphine or cocaine.

Several trends are responsible for the street price of heroin, including:

  • supply and demand
  • high competition between dealers
  • ease of acquisition
  • where the heroin is being sold

Side Effects And Risks Of Heroin Drug Use

Even though the cost of heroin may be comparably low to other substances, the physical and mental toll people experience when addicted to the drug is a much steeper price.

Common side effects and risks of heroin use:

  • lung problems
  • depression and other mental health issues
  • liver and kidney disease
  • abscesses at the site of injection
  • tissue damage inside of the nose for people who snort heroin
  • heroin-related overdose

In addition to these risks, heroin bought on the street may be laced with other substances, including a dangerous synthetic opioid painkiller called fentanyl.

Treatment Options For A Heroin Addiction

While the effects of heroin abuse can be damaging, treatment can help address and in some cases reverse these effects.

Some of the most effective treatment options for heroin abuse include:

Find Heroin Addiction Treatment Near You

If you or a loved one need help to recover from opioid use or other types of drug addiction, call our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center.

You can find healthcare services such as detox, inpatient rehab, and methadone or naloxone treatment options to put you on the path to sobriety. We can also provide referrals for medical advice.

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Written by Bedrock Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: February 17, 2022

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