Average Fentanyl Street Price

Fentanyl is a powerful prescription opioid currently sold on the black market. The price of this substance depends on an array of factors including drug trafficking laws, supply and demand, and where it’s being sold.

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Average Fentanyl Street Price

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), fentanyl is a Schedule II Controlled Substance with a high probability of abuse.

Currently, fentanyl painkillers are sold in a variety of dosage forms including lozenges, tablets, transdermal patches, or a powder form to be snorted.

The cost of fentanyl by measurement:

  • a gram of fentanyl on the street will cost between $150 and $200
  • a transdermal fentanyl patch bought illicitly on the street will cost about $40
  • a single 100 mcg to 400 mcg dose of fentanyl will be around $2 or less

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Due to its potency, fentanyl has become a popular and relatively cheap commodity on the drug market.

What Influences The Price Of Fentanyl?

The street price of fentanyl depends on a variety of factors including its formulation, local supply and demand, what other substances it’s cut with, and the geographic location of the sale.

For example, a pure gram of fentanyl sold in New York City will likely be cheaper than in more rural areas due to more competition between dealers.

The price may also be lower in areas bordering Mexico because a large amount of fentanyl is smuggled into the United States by Mexican drug cartels.

What Are The Risks Of Fentanyl Abuse?

One of the biggest dangers of fentanyl misuse is that it’s often used as a cutting agent for other illicit drugs such as MDMA, methamphetamine, cocaine, and others.

People who use fentanyl-laced drugs may not know how much of the substance they’re taking. This can result in severe healthcare issues, including overdose death.

Treatment Options For Prescription Drug Addiction

If you or a loved one are misusing chronic pain medications such as fentanyl, OxyContin, hydrocodone (Vicodin), hydromorphone, or oxycodone (Percocet), help is available.

Addiction treatment services for opioid addiction may include:

Opioid analgesics are extremely addictive, but with the assistance of evidence-based treatment services, you can get on the path to recovery.

Find A Drug Rehab Center Today

For additional information about drug use or inpatient rehab services, call our helpline at Bedrock Recovery Center located in Massachusetts.

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Written by Bedrock Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: February 23, 2022

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