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Meth Addiction Treatment

Getting treatment for meth can be a rewarding journey that can lead you or someone you care about to the healthy lifestyle they deserve

Deciding to get treatment for meth addiction is a big step but arguably the most important. If you or a loved one has a problem with meth abuse, a personalized meth rehab treatment plan at a professional rehab facility is the best way to overcome addiction. These plans include the necessary steps to recovery like detox, therapy, and counseling.

Deciding on Meth Treatment

Meth is a dangerous drug. It can be addictive in as little as one dose. As a result, any meth use outside a doctor’s prescription is considered abuse. If you’re suffering from meth abuse, you probably know how destructive the drug can be. You’ve probably realized you need help to break meth’s addictive cycle and live clean.

Unfortunately, for your loved ones, it may not be so simple. They may not have realized they need help yet. They may also be keeping their addiction a secret from their loved ones. The following signs could suggest they’re suffering from meth abuse:

  • Trouble at school or work
  • Giving up passions or hobbies for meth
  • Unexplained financial problems
  • Declining health like losing weight and teeth
  • Unusual sleep patterns

Meth Detox

Meth is very addictive. Quitting meth is hard and involves withdrawals. As a result, a meth treatment plan will most likely include detox. Here you can stop using meth in a supervised environment. This way you can work through the withdrawals in a safe and comfortable environment. Your body will get used to life without meth. After detox you can start your treatment plan with a clean and healthy mind.

Inpatient or Outpatient Meth Treatment

After detox, your meth treatment plan will include long-term treatment. This could be inpatient, or residential, treatment, where you live at the rehab facility and focus all your time on recovery. It could also be the outpatient treatment where you continue with your day-to-day life but come to the facility at scheduled times for counseling and therapy.

Your treatment professionals will help you decide on the best choice for you. Meth Inpatient treatment is generally more effective. It provides a dedicated environment with no distractions and constant support. However, some people may have commitments that don’t allow for this. An outpatient is an option that lets them keep up with their responsibilities while still going through the steps of treatment.

Counseling and Therapy for Meth Addiction

Whether inpatient or outpatient, treatment will use scientifically proven methods to help you fight your meth addiction. This mostly involves counseling and therapy. For example, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) teaches you to recognize triggers and destructive thinking. By mastering your thoughts and emotions, you can break the cycle of addiction.

In treatment, counseling and therapy is usually divided between both group and personal sessions. In group sessions, you get support from other victims of drug abuse. Together, you recognize patterns and work through problems. In personal sessions, you’ll meet with a professional counselor. They can give you the expert advice and tools you need to achieve recovery.

After Meth Treatment

Even once you finish your treatment plan, you’re never alone. Bedrock Recovery Center will help you return to normal life sober and ready to stay that way. Not only will you have the tools you need to stay healthy, but our professionals will always be there if you need them.

You and your counselors will discuss how to continue in recovery. This could mean a regular group or personal therapy sessions and check-ins with your counselors. Plus, you always have access to the facility and its resources in case of relapse or crisis.

Find Your Meth Treatment Plan Today

If you think a loved one needs help, you may not know how to convince them. Many people resort to judgement, demands and shaming. This is not the answer. Instead, use professional resources to design an intervention plan. At Bedrock Recovery Center, we have a lot of resources for those thinking about using the intervention strategy. Overall, keep an open mind and be understanding. Together, you and your loved one can learn about the treatment process and how they can benefit.

At Bedrock Recovery Center, you will work with experts to develop a treatment plan that’s right for you. From detox to recovery, you will have professional help along every step of the treatment process. If you or a loved one is thinking about treatment, don’t wait. A healthy future is just around the corner. Call us today to learn about your options.

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