Cocaine Residential Inpatient Program

Residential addiction treatment allows you to take a step back from your day-to-day so that you can completely focus on your recovery.

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Cocaine and crack cocaine are highly addictive, and these drugs can cause serious health issues. Cocaine addiction can cause overdose and even death. Most people find it difficult to stop using on their own. If you are abusing cocaine, you should seriously consider getting help.

Are you or a loved one struggling with cocaine addiction? If so, it may be time to look into inpatient cocaine rehab.

Through residential inpatient treatment, you will learn to enjoy life again without cocaine, while living in a comfortable and supportive environment.

Bedrock Treatment Center can offer you the very residential treatment program you’ll need to break your cocaine addiction.

What is the Cocaine Residential Inpatient Program?

Cocaine residential treatment programs let you live in an inpatient treatment center while you work on your sobriety. At the treatment center, you are surrounded by people who are also working on their sobriety. You also have access to professionals who are devoted to helping you get past your cocaine addiction.

With inpatient cocaine rehab programs, you’ll be taking a break from the stresses of everyday life. You won’t be surrounded by temptations that fuel your triggers. Instead, you’ll focus and work on your addiction.

Research shows that to be effective, inpatient cocaine rehab needs to last for at least 90 days. If you spend less time in treatment, you are more likely to relapse. The best cocaine rehab centers offer intensive programs that last for at least three months. This gives you the time you need to learn new habits and move toward a drug-free life.

Who Needs the Cocaine Residential Inpatient Program?

Substance abuse disorders are serious diseases. To get past cocaine addiction, you need a multi-layered treatment plan that addresses all aspects of your addiction and any concurrent issues.

Very few people can break the cycle of addiction on their own. If you or a loved one is abusing cocaine, you need to reach out for help.

The following are some signs that indicate you should really look into residential treatment programs:

  • You need to go to cocaine addiction detox.
  • Your current environment does not support sobriety.
  • You have tried to quit cocaine use, but failed.
  • You are at risk of self-harm.
  • You want to learn skills that will help you create a healthier family, work and social environment.
  • You need ongoing medical treatment for health issues related to cocaine use.
  • You need dual diagnosis treatment for a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, or PTSD.
  • You want to learn how to live without cocaine.
  • You want the best chance of staying sober.

What to Expect from the Cocaine Residential Inpatient Program?

The residential inpatient program for cocaine addiction at Bedrock Recovery Center is a comfortable and enlightening experience.

You will spend your days going to individual and group therapy to learn about your addiction. You will learn ways to cope with triggers and stressors.

You will eat healthy and nutritious meals and have time for reflection and recreation—Bedrock Recovery Center features an assortment of amenities including a movie theatre and gym. Generally, you agree to not leave the treatment center, and you may have limitations on the guests you can see.

The Cocaine Residential Inpatient Program Process

At Bedrock Recovery Center, residential inpatient treatment begins with cocaine detox treatment if it is required for your addiction. Our board-certified physicians will make sure you detox comfortably and safely under medical supervision.

Once you have gone through detox, you will begin your rehab program. Treatment for cocaine addiction consists of a variety of therapies and techniques. The rehab plan will address your cocaine abuse and its underlying causes.

Common treatments for cocaine abuse include:

  • Behavioral Therapy: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) are 2 of the most common ways to tackle cocaine addiction. Both treatments work by identifying harmful thought patterns and working on changing them.
  • Group Meetings: Group therapy is an important part of the treatment process because it builds a sense of community. It also enables patients to learn from their peers from every step of the recovery journey.

The final step in the residential inpatient program is to prepare patients for their return back home. Leaving rehab can be a difficult and scary process.

That is why Bedrock Recovery Center takes the time to prepare patients in the days leading up to departure to ensure they are ready to take on the world on their own.

Why Choose Bedrock?

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we are committed to helping people get past drug addictions. We offer evidence-based therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and more. At our inpatient cocaine rehab center, you receive 24-7 medical and mental health support in a kind and comfortable environment.

In inpatient rehab, you develop a community with the other patients and staff members. This can be a critical component in staying sober. Many people become leaders in the rehab center. You may end up mentoring new patients and helping them on their path to sobriety. This leadership role helps many people stay sober.

You deserve to feel happy and content. You deserve a life free of harmful substances that hurt your body and your life.

We can help you break the cycle. If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, contact us today.

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