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Bedrock Recovery Center offers the best intensive residential treatment program in Massachusetts for alcohol abuse.

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Alcohol addiction is a powerful disease. Without proper and timely treatment, alcoholism is only likely to get worse. Problematic drinking can quickly turn from a minor problem that seems under control, to a full-blown addiction.

Alcohol addicts face problems like losing their social life, job, and family. In the worst-case scenario, addiction can lead to alcohol poisoning or a fatal accident. Fortunately, alcohol rehab programs exist that are effective in treating this deadly disorder.

What is the Alcohol Residential Inpatient Program?

Alcohol residential treatment programs are full-time, live-in treatment programs for treating alcohol abuse. People who are struggling with alcoholism can come to our world-class treatment center, and live here for a period of time while immersing themselves in their recovery.

The point of alcohol inpatient care is to put patients in an environment that will help them succeed. We understand that many alcohol addicts have a hard time quitting on their own. Alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms make it hard to do so, and stresses of daily life can contribute to drinking. That’s why our alcohol recovery center is a 100% sober environment where you can heal.

Here at Bedrock, we recognize that every individual’s story is different. Some patients have an alcohol dual diagnosis, some need special medical alcohol rehab, etc. The bottom line is, every patient has unique needs. That is why our inpatient alcohol treatment programs are built to match your personal needs for treatment.

Some patients will need a relatively short stay, perhaps 30 days, while others will require multiple months of inpatient care. We have program lengths to fit anyone’s needs.

Who Needs the Alcohol Residential Inpatient Program?

Inpatient alcohol rehab programs can be a good fit for just about anyone struggling with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol is a very dangerous drug to have be addicted to for many reasons, including:

  • It is hard to detect. Unlike many other drugs of abuse, drinking alcohol is legal. This makes it very difficult to know when someone actually has a problem with alcohol. Thousands of people are ‘high-functioning alcoholics’, meaning they hold a steady job and go about their lives in a seemingly normal way, but suffer from alcohol addiction.
  • It can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol dependency is notorious for causing some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. The prospect of going through withdrawal keeps many alcoholics from ever being able to quit on their own.
  • It is hard to avoid. One of the things that makes alcohol so hard to stay away from is how available it is. Alcohol is everywhere, from grocery stores to restaurants to bars. People who are addicted to alcohol have a hard time staying away for long.

These are some of the reasons why you should always take alcohol abuse very seriously. The best thing you can do to combat alcohol abuse is to visit one of the best alcohol rehab centers for inpatient care. A quick search for ‘inpatient alcohol rehab near me’ or ‘inpatient alcohol treatment centers near me’ will help you find that Bedrock recovery center is the best place for alcohol rehab near Boston.

What to Expect from the Alcohol Residential Inpatient Program?

When you visit alcohol abuse treatment centers for an inpatient program, you are doing the most you possibly can to gain control over your drinking. All inpatient alcohol treatment centers operate a little differently, but we’ll tell you what you can expect from our alcohol addiction center here at Bedrock.

When you are at rehab, you will fill your days with activities and formal treatments that are meant to help you heal from addiction. Inpatient rehab is about removing yourself from a toxic environment and placing yourself in the best possible healing environment.

Common daily activities include:

  • Counseling and therapy
  • Group meetings
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation
  • Healthy meals
  • Skills coaching
  • Exercise
  • Journaling

As you can see, inpatient alcohol rehab centers offer a place not just to get formal treatment, but also to relax and recenter. Residential alcohol rehab centers provide the best place for those struggling with addiction to heal and reset. The full immersion of these programs helps addicts to get away from their stressors and triggers for use, and dive head-first into their recovery.

Alcohol Residential Inpatient Program Process

Alcohol abuse treatment centers that offer residential rehab feature a 3-part process for recovery. Most patients who enter rehab have been drinking recently, meaning they will need to first visit alcohol addiction detox. Next, inpatient treatment gets underway. And finally, preparation for outpatient treatment concludes the process.

Let’s break down this 3-step process:


Most alcohol abuse patients start their recovery journey in detox. Detox is an important first step in the treatment process. So, what is detox?

Detox provides a safe, medically-managed environment for people who have been abusing drugs or alcohol. This is necessary because when you stop using a substance you are dependent upon, you can experience withdrawal.

For alcohol, withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and, in rare cases, very dangerous or even fatal. Detox centers are specially equipped to keep patients safe and comfortable throughout the difficult withdrawal process.


After detox, treatment at inpatient alcohol rehabilitation centers will begin. Treatment approaches vary from patient to patient, especially at the best rehab centers.

The most common treatments for alcohol abuse include:

  • Medications to curb cravings and fight the urge to relapse.
  • Behavioral therapy, such as CBT and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), to reshape thinking around addiction and develop good habits of thought and action.
  • Group meetings help to build community and allow addicts to gain perspective from others struggling with abuse. Alcoholics have access to Alcoholics Anonymous, which has groups in treatment centers and outside of them.

These treatments may vary based on a patient’s needs. A lot of recovering alcohol addicts do not need medication.

Another consideration is that when it comes to alcohol rehab, dual diagnosis is fairly common. A dual diagnosis is when someone has both an addiction and a mental or physical health disorder. Common conditions that go alongside alcoholism include depression and anxiety. Bedrock offers treatment programs specially designed for dual diagnosis patients.

Preparation for Outpatient Care

The final step of alcohol rehab is to prepare patients for their transition. It can be a shock to the system for a person to leave the bubble of rehab and re-enter the real world. Our staff will work tirelessly to ensure that you have the support structures in place to give you the best chance of a successful recovery.

Why Choose Bedrock?

Bedrock Recovery Center offers the best alcohol treatment in the Massachusetts area. Our alcohol rehab program is a great resource for anyone struggling to control their drinking. We offer an amazing and comfortable facility, with programs that use proven treatments to combat addiction.

Our treatment specialists will help you learn to manage cravings and turn to healthier outlets in times of stress. We understand that alcohol abuse tends to stem from other issues, which is why we always work to uncover underlying problems and address them.

Plus, patients who leave Bedrock won’t be suddenly left without help. We help our patients to continue their recovery journeys long after they leave Bedrock. Outpatient care is a common next step for our patients, and we can help you find the best program for your needs.

At Bedrock, our number one priority is that you make a full recovery. We understand that alcohol addiction is a very hard condition to live with, and our compassionate team will help you get back in the driver’s seat of your life.

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