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Canton has not been immune to the alcohol and drug abuse epidemic. Fortunately, Bedrock Recovery Center is fighting it with effective addiction treatment.

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For the many Canton residents suffering from addiction, alcohol and drug rehab can be the help they need. Effective, evidence-based treatment can be found right here in town. Bedrock Recovery Center is the first step down the rewarding road of healthy living.

Canton Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Canton is a town in the Greater Boston area. It lies about 15 miles southwest of Boston. It’s home to around 22,000 people. It has a rich colonial history, which includes a poem by Paul Revere. Many successful companies are located in the town.

Despite its small-town charm, something sinister is lurking under the surface of Canton. Like much of Massachusetts, New England and the whole country, an epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse is sweeping through. Alcohol and drug rehab centers have become the first line in the fight against this problem.

Canton Alcohol and Drug Addiction Statistics

The biggest problem in New England right now is opioids. In 2018, 67,357 Americans died from drug overdoses. About 70% of those deaths involved opioids. In Massachusetts, this rate was much worse. 88% of the 1,991 overdose deaths involved opioids.

However, it’s bigger than just opioids and overdoses. Addiction affects all types of people in Canton. It often affects the most vulnerable.

Take a look:

  • Almost 1 in 10 people checking into rehab in Canton in 2017 were children.
  • Over 1 in 10 people were homeless.
  • Almost half of people had had prior mental health treatment.

Canton Alcohol and Drug Detox and Rehab Questions

How Does Canton, Massachusetts, Rehab Work?

Professional rehab centers in Canton like Bedrock Recovery Center treat addiction in a number of ways. The most basic part of rehab is quitting the drug or alcohol. This is done in detox. To keep you off, though, you have to build a new lifestyle, and rehab helps you do this. In rehab you will learn skills that help you resist addiction and teach you to cope with daily stress in healthier ways. You will learn how to build strong relationships and set boundaries.

Who Is the Best Rated Skilled Rehab Facility in Canton, Massachusetts?

Bedrock Recovery is one of the most highly rated and frequently sought rehab facilities not just in Canton but in the entire state. That’s partly because we make a point of staying up on the most cutting edge research and treatments. It’s not just the effectiveness, though. Our experienced staff make sure your time in rehab is comfortable, safe and as life-changing as it should be. Also, our state-of-the-art facility is brand new.

Where to Get Addiction Help on a Weekend in Canton, Massachusetts?

At Bedrock Recovery, we know that addiction doesn’t keep a schedule. If you decide you need help on the weekend, we’re here for you. Those who have experienced the throes of addiction can tell you that even a day or two can make the difference. That’s why we have staff on call 24/7 to assist you and keep admissions open even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Types of Rehab Programs in Canton

Medical Detox

Addiction often comes with physical dependence. This means your body gets so used to a drug or alcohol that it can’t function without it. Stopping causes painful withdrawals. Medical detox helps get you through these withdrawals in the most comfortable way possible. Someone on staff supervises you 24/7 to make sure you are safe.

Residential Inpatient Program

Residential treatment is what most people think of as “rehab.” Here, you live in the facility. You have limited contact with the outside world and spend all your time focused on getting healthy. You see counselors and attend therapy sessions on a regular basis and get support from other people in rehab.

Medication Assisted Program

Scientific research has uncovered many treatments for addiction. Along with these, they’ve found some medications that help too. In a medication assisted program (MAT), your Canton rehab will oversee your treatment with these medications.

This could mean over-the-counter drugs to treat withdrawal symptoms or medications for dual diagnosis mental illnesses. Mostly, MAT will include medications that help wean you off of addictive drugs. These are medications such as methadone for opioids or naltrexone for alcohol.

Canton Sober Living

When you finish a residential program, a sober living home is a good option. It can help you transition back into normal life by providing drug-free housing. You’ll live with other people in recovery and go to group therapy. Mandatory drug and alcohol tests are common in most sober living homes to ensure all residents remain sober. A controlled environment like this lets you ease back into the stresses of the outside world.

Aftercare Programs in Canton

Addiction is a chronic disease. And just like any other disease, you need regular checkups and maintenance to keep it under control. With substance abuse, this usually means outpatient counseling. You can go to the same rehab facility where you went through detox and residential treatment. The same counselors will help you throughout your recovery.

How to Use Your Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Sadly, payment is often a worry for those seeking addiction treatment. Luckily, there are always options. Many people choose to pay with insurance, and most insurance providers pay for rehab. Visit our insurance verification page, and a Bedrock Recovery specialist will help you figure out how you can use your insurance.

The most common policies that cover Canton rehab include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Maine
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Connecticut
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield New Hampshire
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare

Most Popular Questions in Canton

How Do I Get to Bedrock Recovery?

Bedrock Recovery is easy to find. It’s located on Meadowbrook Way near the interchange of the Fall River Expy (MA-24) and Hwy 139. This is just north of the Mazzee Dr. shopping area and about a 15-minute drive from the Canton train station and downtown.

What Types of Drugs Does Bedrock Treat?

Alcohol and opioids remain the two most common reasons Canton residents check into rehab. Many people seeking treatment at Bedrock Recovery Center come for these two substances.

However, the professionals at Bedrock Recovery Center have the expertise to treat many kinds of drug addictions, which include:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Alcohol
  • Meth
  • Prescriptions drugs including prescription opioid painkillers, stimulants, benzos, sleeping pills and others

How Can I Afford to Go to Drug Rehab?

Money should never get in the way of recovery. At Bedrock, we take this seriously. Aside from insurance, there are many options available for those who otherwise can not afford rehab. Help exists in the form of income-based payment plans, state and local government programs, crowdfunding, etc. Call and speak with a Bedrock specialist to learn about your options.

Why Choose Bedrock

As our extensive accreditations show, Bedrock Recovery is a highly professional rehab facility using the newest and most effective treatments to combat addiction. From supervising you in medical detox to helping through life’s obstacles in aftercare, our trained experts make your health and recovery their priority. Call Bedrock Recovery Center today to get started on your personalized treatment plan.

Popular Nearby Locations

Looking for treatment outside of Canton? People in Greater Boston and New England regularly travel for rehab. Some popular destinations include:

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Published on: February 25, 2021

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