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Newton, MA Alcohol and Drug Detox Rehab Centers

Newton rehab centers offer the help you need to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, there are many different rehabs in Newton and the surrounding areas. When choosing a rehab, Newton MA residents have a lot of different options. The following guide is designed to help you choose the best Newton rehab for your needs.

Newton, MA Alcohol and Drug Addiction Statistics

  • In 2017, 250 Newton residents enrolled in a substance abuse treatment program.
  • Over half of the people seeking help from Newton rehab had completed at least some college. People of all ages went into Newton rehab centers, but the majority were between the ages of 26 and 40. Over half the people who entered treatment in Newton were employed.
  • Alcohol is the primary drug used by people who entered treatment, followed by heroin and other opioids.

Newton, MA Alcohol and Drug Detox and Rehab Questions

Where should I go to receive the best Alcohol and Drug Detox in Newton?

When choosing a Newton rehab center, you need to select a facility that meets your needs. They should offer evidence-based treatment that shows you why you are abusing drugs and helps you learn how to live without these substances.

The city of Newton is committed to the PATH program. PATH stands for Prevention, Awareness, Treatment and Hope. By promoting solutions over stigmas, the city hopes to help people get past drug and alcohol addictions.

What Should I look for in a Detox Rehab Facility?

Detox in Massachusetts provides medical supervision when you quit using\ drugs and alcohol. But what type of detox should you choose? Ideally, you should look for a facility that offers the services you need.

For example, to quit using heroin, you may want to look for a facility that provides Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). The detox should be committed to helping you through the whole withdrawal process. They should help you transition into a Massachusetts drug rehab immediately after. You should also choose a facility that accepts your insurance.

Is Addiction Treatment Necessary For Recovery?

Detox is just the first step toward recovery. Once the drugs and alcohol are out of your system, you need to embrace new habits. In Newton rehab, you learn about the triggers that drive your addictions. You learn how to establish new patterns. And you learn how to live without drugs and alcohol.

You can also get help for underlying issues. For instance, some people turn to drugs and alcohol to help medicate anxiety, depression or PTSD. Others turn to substance abuse to quiet memories of trauma or to deal with grief. In Massachusetts rehab centers, you can get help for all aspects of your addiction. The right treatment can be key to recovery.

Types Of Rehab Programs in Newton, MA

There are different types of rehabs in Mass. When choosing a Newton drug rehab, you need to think about the qualities discussed above, but you also need to consider the type of facility. Here are some of the most common rehabs. Some facilities offer several of these options under the same roof.

Detox Program

Detox is the process you go through when you quit using drugs and alcohol. As the drugs move out of your system, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. With certain drugs, these symptoms can be dangerous and potentially deadly. In a detox program, you receive medical supervision for your safety.

Residential Inpatient Program

With residential programs, you live in the rehab center. You leave day-to-day stresses behind, and you get to really focus on your recovery. You stay with a supportive group of people, and you learn how to live without drugs and alcohol.

Medication Assisted Program (MAT)

MAT Newton provides medication to help you quit using drugs. Meds can help with withdrawal and stop cravings. Some meds make you feel sick when you take drugs. This can also help with recovery.

Newton Sober Living

There are no drugs and alcohol in sober living homes. You get to live with people who are also sober. Unlike inpatient rehab, you can leave for work or other essentials. Many people transition to sober living centers after leaving inpatient rehab.

Aftercare Programs In Newton MA

When rehab ends, you are still on your sobriety journey. Aftercare programs continue your recovery as you get back to your regular life. You may go to individual, group, or family counseling. You can choose the options that feel right for you.

How To Use Your Insurance To Pay For Addiction Treatment

Many insurance plans cover rehabs in Mass. By law insurers have to offer the same coverage for mental health and addiction as they do for general health. Insurance can cover detox, inpatient rehab, counseling, and more. Here are some of the most common policies.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

This is a non-profit healthcare plan based in Boston. Coverage includes medical care and special programs for dental, vision, life, and disability. Exact coverage varies based on your plan.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Maine

Available to residents of Maine, this insurance plan helps cover medical care and prescription drugs. To learn more about your benefits, check out your plan details. Or, talk with your human resources person.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Connecticut

This plan offers coverage to families and individuals in CT. You can get help with medical, dental, and vision costs. This includes addiction treatment. Coverage varies. Treatment may be fully covered. Or, depending on your plan, you may face copays or deductibles.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Available for people in Rhode Island, BCBS provides healthcare and other special coverage. You may get this coverage through an employer or by purchasing it on your own. Again, coverage can vary. Contact rehabs directly to see if they take your plan.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont

Part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield family, this insurer focuses on Vermont. If you are based in one state, your insurer may cover treatment in another state. Often, people have to travel to find the right rehab for their needs.

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield New Hampshire

Anthem is a for-profit company in the Blue Cross family. Although the business structure is different, this plan offers similar types of coverage as other BCBS plans. You can get help in NH or other areas.


This is a global healthcare company based in CT. Cigna helps members cover all kinds of healthcare expenses, including rehab. You may need to make a copayment.


With over 13 million members, Humana covers healthcare costs including addiction treatment. But copays and deductibles vary. Your plan administrator can answer questions about your coverage.


Aetna focuses on members’ body, mind and spirit. Like other companies, Aetna offers a range of plans. Addiction treatment is always covered but exact coverage varies. Treatment may be fully covered or require copays.

United Healthcare

This plan covers families and individuals. You may buy coverage on your own or obtain it through an employer. You can use this policy to help pay for addiction services.

Most Popular Questions in Newton

People looking for rehabs in Newton have a lot of different questions. They want to know what type of treatment works the best, where to get help, and when they should start treatment. Here are the three most popular questions in Newton.

#1 How can I get to a Bedrock Recovery Center?

Located in Canton, MA, the Bedrock Recovery Center is just a 25 minute drive from Newton. If you decide to go to Bedrock, you can get treatment relatively close to home.

#2 Why should I go to recovery?

Drugs and alcohol can destroy your life. They ruin your health, disrupt work and hurt relationships. Recovery helps you get past addiction. You deserve a healthy life, and recovery is key.

#3 When should I start recovery in Newton?

If you are struggling with drugs and alcohol, you should start recovery as soon as possible. Start recovery before your addiction takes hold of your life. Don’t let drugs or alcohol steal any more time from you.

Why Choose Bedrock?

Bedrock provides treatment for all types of drugs and alcohol. You can get detox, inpatient services, and medication assisted treatment in a state-of-the-art facility. Treatment is trauma-informed and evidence-based. At Bedrock, you get the help and support you need to stop using drugs and alcohol. To learn more, contact us today. We would love to tell you more about our services.

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