Specialized Treatment Programming For Mental Health Disorders At Bedrock

Mental Health impacts everyone differently. To make sure you receive the care you need, we assess your condition and special treatment to address any unique needs you have.

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A person is not their diagnosis. At Bedrock Recovery Center, we do thorough assessments to get a first-hand look at each client’s mental health challenges, family history, and existing environment.

Based on our assessments, we can help you determine what treatment options are best suited to your individual needs.

Specialized treatment options at our residential treatment facility in Massachusetts include a wide variety of evidence-based therapies, medication management, and targeted support groups.

The Importance Of Specialized Treatment Programming

People with a similar diagnosis often share symptoms, but that does not necessarily mean that their life experiences and their perception of themselves is similar.

Specialized treatment programming at Bedrock Recovery Center is designed to treat the person, not just their mental health disorder.

Our licensed clinicians understand that your upbringing, community, sexual orientation, and personal experiences are just as important as your diagnosis when it comes to supporting your recovery.

As a result, we use a comprehensive approach to formulate your initial treatment plan, and we adjust it over time based on regular assessments to evaluate your progress and state of mind.

Mental Health Disorders Treated At Bedrock

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we treat a variety of mental illnesses.

The most common behavioral health conditions we treat are:

While these conditions may range from moderate to severe, prospective clients who are experiencing eating disorders, suicidal ideation, and thoughts of hurting others will be referred to another facility for more intensive treatment.

Specialized Treatment Modalities Offered At Bedrock

At Bedrock, our clinicians are trained to provide a wide range of therapeutic treatment modalities through a trauma-informed model.

Some of our more specialized therapies include eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), a fairly new evidence-based therapy for PTSD, Seeking Safety, and touch therapy.

We also offer other evidence-based therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and psychoeducation alongside other wellness-based therapies.

Psychoeducation is often provided to the client’s family as well, giving your loved ones the opportunity to better understand your condition and offer support through your recovery.

Specialized Support Groups

In addition to specialized therapies, Bedrock Recovery Center also offers a number of targeted support groups to meet the needs of our clients.

Our specialized support groups include:

At this time, we do not offer young adult groups; however, young adult clients do receive more one-on-one time with their therapist and have extended support to help with school and family.

How Is Specialized Treatment Programming Developed At Bedrock?

Assessments and ongoing conversations with our clients forms the basis of our specialized treatment programming at Bedrock Recovery Center.

Thanks to our low client to staff ratio, our staff are able to connect with our clients and learn more about what treatments are providing the support that they need to recover.

This knowledge is paired with our clinicians’ expertise to ensure that each client has an adaptive treatment plan that alters medications and treatments to give you the best possible experience.

Learn More About Mental Health Treatment In Massachusetts

If you or a loved one are seeking residential treatment for mental healthcare in Massachusetts, we can help. Contact Bedrock Recovery Center to learn more about our treatment facilities.

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Written by Bedrock Recovery Center Editorial Team

Published on: February 1, 2024

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