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Are you looking for rehab in Quincy, MA? There are many options for rehab in the Quincy/Boston area - but when it comes to addiction recovery, you need to find the very best care.

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Introduction to Quincy

Quincy is a city in Norfolk County, MA. With a population of nearly 100,000, it is the eighth-largest city in the state. Quincy is part of the Boston metro area, as it is located just south of Boston.

If you or someone you know has been abusing drugs or alcohol in Quincy, it’s not too late. There are great options for addiction rehab in the area.

Quincy Alcohol and Drug Addiction Statistics

Check out these statistics to get a better idea of the drug and alcohol abuse situation in Quincy:

  • In 2017, almost 70% of the people who received addiction treatment in Quincy were men.
  • Almost a third of the people in Quincy who went to rehab in 2017 were between the ages of 31 and 40.
  • More than half of the people who got rehab in Quincy in 2017 were not employed.

Quincy Alcohol and Drug Detox and Rehab Questions

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about detox and rehab in the Quincy area.

Where should I go to receive the best alcohol and drug detox near Quincy?

If you’re looking for a Quincy rehab center, you’ve come to the right place. Knowing that you want to go to rehab is a huge first step. Choosing the right rehab center is one of the best ways you can set yourself up for success.

What should I look for in a detox rehab facility?

Detox is the first step to recovery for many drug and alcohol addicts. If you’re looking for detox in Quincy, MA, you’ll need to know how to find the best facility.

Detox is a time to let your body rid itself of all the built-up drugs and toxins. This process can sometimes include withdrawal symptoms. Detox can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous, so choosing a great facility is very important.

The best Quincy, MA detox centers will have the following:

  • 24-hour medical supervision
  • Nurses and care staff to keep you safe and comfortable
  • Seamless transition from detox to rehab

Is addiction treatment necessary for recovery?

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease. Like many other diseases, it is not likely to improve or go away on its own. This is why addiction treatment is absolutely necessary for anyone who is dependent on drugs or alcohol. Rehab is a great way to reset and learn to live your life free from substances.

Types of Rehab Programs in Quincy

Rehab programs for drug and alcohol addiction are quite varied. There are many different types of rehab facilities and programs. Many people work their way through different programs as they progress in their recovery.

Detox Program

Are you looking for detox centers in Quincy, MA? A detox program is the first step to rehab for many people. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can be very uncomfortable, and the symptoms often make users relapse when they try to stop.

That’s why choosing a good detox center is important. At a detox center, you will me medically monitored to make sure you are safe, and you may be given medications or treatments to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Once you are out of detox, you will move into rehab.

Residential Inpatient Program

Residential inpatient programs are what most people think of when they imagine going to ‘rehab’. These programs offer full-time live-in care. You live in a facility alongside other peers in recovery. There are always treatment and care staff available onsite to help you with whatever you need.

Your days at inpatient rehab will be very structured. They will include a combination of formal treatments such as therapy, group meetings, and medication. They are also likely to involve relaxation time and healthy living activities.

Medication-Assisted Program

Some recovering addicts will benefit from the use of medication during their recovery. These medications can help with easing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. They can also reduce the pleasurable effect of taking certain drugs, which lessens the incentive to use.

Medication-assisted treatment is not for everyone. Certain addictions do not currently have any medications approved for use in treatment.

Quincy Sober Living

Sober living houses are a great tool for transitioning back into your daily life after going to rehab. When you leave rehab, you are in a delicate period when you want to have community and support. Sober living homes offer a way to live alongside other peers in recovery and help each other towards sobriety.

Aftercare Programs in Quincy

Your recovery journey does not end when you leave inpatient treatment. A continuum of care is recommended for most patients. Aftercare programs provide counseling, group therapy, and other treatments to help patients stay rigorous. These programs provide support and community that is needed by many to stay sober after rehab.

How to Use Your Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Your health insurance company may offer coverage for drug and alcohol rehab. Most rehab centers in Massachusetts will accept some types of insurance.

Health insurance companies that provide coverage in Quincy include:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Connecticut
  • Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Maine
  • Anthem Blue Cross / Blue Shield of New Hampshire
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Rhode Island
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Vermont
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthCare

Make sure to reach out to your insurance company and the rehab center you want to attend to make sure that your insurance will cover your treatment.

Most Popular Questions in Quincy

Do you have questions about drug and alcohol rehab in Quincy? These are some of the most common questions we hear and their answers:

How Does Quincy Drug Rehab Work?

Rehab is a process. As you progress through your recovery, you will move through different stages of treatment and support.

The first step for many people is detox. Detox gives you a place to get the drugs and alcohol out of your system safely. Next is generally inpatient rehab. This is a time to reset and focus entirely on your recovery. After rehab, outpatient care programs are available to help you continue to heal as you go back to your daily life.

Why Is Rehab Important?

Choosing to go to rehab can save your life. Addiction is a disease, not a choice – and without professional treatment, it is unlikely to improve on its own.

Addiction can ruin your life in so many ways – your relationships, your job, and your life are all on the line. Rehab can help you to get clean so that you can live your life to the fullest.

When Do I Need Rehab?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they don’t need rehab for one reason or another. The truth is, anyone who abuses drugs or alcohol can benefit from rehab. Addiction and drug abuse looks different for everyone. Some people are ‘high-functioning’ addicts, meaning they continue to uphold most responsibilities despite suffering from an addiction.

Don’t fool yourself. Even if you think you have things ‘under control’, addiction can spiral very quickly. The best time to get rehab is right now.

Why Choose Bedrock Recovery Center?

Bedrock Recovery Center is the Northeast’s premier substance abuse treatment center. We specialize in a wide range of evidence-based treatments. We offer our patients personalized care plans that fit their specific needs.

Our treatment center is accredited through several reliable third-party organizations, so you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible care. If you are in the Northeast and in need of addiction treatment, there is no better option that Bedrock.

Popular Nearby States and Cities

Finding the best rehab center might require traveling out of town. Bedrock is accessible to people living across all areas of the country, especially the Northeast. Our convenient location near the city of Boston makes it easy to reach us via various methods of transportation.

People commonly come to us from places like:

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Quincy, Massachusetts

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Published on: November 4, 2020

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