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For those in Acton suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, help is closer than you think. Don’t struggle alone. Acton rehab professionals can support you on your journey to recovery. You have options. From medical detox to residential treatment programs, healthy living is more than possible when you find the right Massachusetts rehab center.

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Acton is a small town of about 30,000 people in Middlesex County, MA. It’s around 21 miles from Boston. The town is rich in colonial and industrial history which can be seen in museums and reconverted restaurants and taverns. Acton is also well known for its natural beauty. There are over 1,650 acres of conservation owned by the local government.

Acton Alcohol and Drug Addiction Statistics

Unfortunately, Acton has not escaped the substance abuse epidemic gripping New England. Just consider that in 2014, Acton alone had 52 hospital discharges for opioid-related problems including overdose. Since then, things have only gotten worse.

Take a look at these alarming statistics:

  • In 2015, 12.2% of Massachusetts teenagers abused alcohol. That’s more than the national average.
  • With 24.3 per 100,000 people, Middlesex County had the 9th highest overdose death rate in the US.
  • In 2017, 44% of Acton residents checking into rehab reported having used heroin in the past year. That was up from 22% in 2008.

Acton Alcohol Detox and Drug Rehab Questions

Where Should I Go to Receive the Best Alcohol and Drug Detox Near Acton?

First and foremost, you should go where you feel comfortable. This might mean traveling to a nearby town and city. When you’re in treatment, you want all your focus to be on recovery. You have many options, so choose carefully. The right facility will combine credible and effective methods with a safe and relaxing environment.

What Should I Look for in a Detox Rehab Facility?

For many, detox is the most challenging part of rehab. That’s why it’s important to make sure the treatment center you choose gives you the best detox experience possible.

Detox can mean unpleasant side effects, so a good detox facility is a comfortable, safe space.

You should also look for:

  • 24-hour medical supervision
  • Access to needed medication
  • Personalized transition out of detox

Is Addiction Treatment Necessary for Recovery?

The last few decades of scientific study have shown that addiction is a disease. Some people suffer more than others, but treatment with professional help is always better than going it alone. This is especially the case with addiction. The roots of addiction are often emotional and need to be addressed in group settings with support.

Additionally, drug and alcohol abuse often come with what’s called dual diagnoses. That means the person suffering from addiction has other mental illnesses. Without finding these out and learning how to treat them too, it’s hard to fight the addiction. A treatment center can help you do just that.

How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center

Finding the right rehab center can sometimes seem hard. There are a lot of programs offering a lot of different things. How do you know what to choose? Luckily, there are several accreditation systems that help you narrow it down.

The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations is a major review board that certifies over 21,000 healthcare facilities across the US.

Accreditation from the Joint Commission means the center went through a rigorous review that made sure it meets standards involving:

  • Patient care
  • Medication safety
  • Employee background checks
  • Consumer rights
  • Evidence based treatments

National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

The NAATP is an organization of addiction treatment centers in the US that provide quality care. A rehab center has to follow strict standards and a code of ethics to get membership.


Modern technology has made it easier than ever to find a rehab center. Unfortunately, it’s also made it easier for scammers to reach their victims. That’s where Legitscript accreditation comes in. When you do a Google search or come across ads for rehab on Facebook, a Legitscript certification tells you that it’s a legitimate center and not a scam.


Shatterproof is a new accreditation system that aims to make a list of all the rehab centers nationwide that use scientifically proven methods to offer treatment with the highest chance of success.

In addition to accreditation, there are several other things you should look for in a rehab clinic:

  • Treatments based on scientific evidence like medical detox and CBT
  • Customizable treatment programs that adapt to your personal situation
  • Medically supervised detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment which means not just treating the addiction, but the underlying mental health issues
  • Treatment professionals with expertise and credentials
  • A continuum of care that addresses both your immediate symptoms and provides preventative care
  • Family programs that help you build the strong, healthy relationships you need for recovery
  • A variety of treatments and therapies to choose from to meet your personal needs

Types of Rehab Programs in Acton

Medical Detox

Addiction can have serious physical side effects. The body gets used to having the drug or alcohol in its system. It can’t work right without it. That’s why if you quit taking it, you feel withdrawals. These differ depending on the substance, but they’re unpleasant physical symptoms that can last for days or even weeks.

In medical detox, you’ll go through withdrawals in a secure environment. Medical professionals will watch you 24/7 to make sure you’re safe. They’ll also keep you as comfortable as possible. This may include medication to ease symptoms.

Residential Inpatient Program

In a residential inpatient program, you live at the rehab center. Your contact with the outside world is limited. This helps you focus entirely on your recovery. During the day you will attend counseling and therapy sessions. You’ll learn the tools to beat addiction. These are considered one of the most effective forms of rehab.

Medication Assisted Program

When it comes to modern drug and alcohol rehab, medication is an important part of the process. Research has found a number of medications that can help wean people off drugs and alcohol more easily than cold turkey. Plus, medication can help treat dual mental health diagnoses like depression and anxiety. Finally, you may need medication to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. In a medication assisted program, professionals help you find the exact combination you need.

Acton Sober Living

Sober living houses provide a good way for those in recovery to transition back into normal life. While there you will work your way back into everyday activities like working and visiting friends. However, you’ll live in a structured environment that helps you focus on recovery with low stress. Plus, you’ll have the support of the other people in the house. This usually includes group meetings and drug testing to keep you accountable.

Aftercare Programs in Acton

Recovery requires hard work. Even after you finish an inpatient program and return to normal life, you have to keep on it. That usually means counseling and therapy on an outpatient basis. This can help you meet new stresses and challenges in your life and maintain your mental health. A good rehab facility is there for you long after you graduate from their inpatient program.

How to Use Insurance to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Paying for treatment shouldn’t discourage you. Luckily, Acton rehab centers usually accept insurance. The insurance coverage for rehab, what is covered and how much, depends on the specific policy. Check with your provider to see exactly what’s covered.

Health insurance companies that normally pay for Acton rehab facilities include:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Cigna
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • UnitedHealthcare

How Does Acton Drug Rehab Work?

Rehab requires several steps. Facilities in Acton and the surrounding Massachusetts rehab centers focus on taking you through them all. First, you have to quit the drug. This is done safely with medical detox. Then you must address the roots of your addiction and other mental illnesses. This requires therapy. Through therapy you will also learn tools to recognize your triggers and build a strong defense to addiction. Once in recovery, you must continue to use therapy to address new triggers and hone your skills.

Why Is Rehab Important?

Anyone who has suffered from drug or alcohol abuse for a long time can tell you it’s destructive. It can ruin your life by causing problems with work, school and money. More importantly, it can destroy your relationships with loved ones. Rehab is not just about quitting drugs or alcohol. It’s about becoming a resilient person who can take their life back.

When Do I Need Rehab?

Many people mistakenly believe that if they don’t feel physically addicted they don’t need rehab. If they don’t do drugs or alcohol every day, they are fine. If they can still make it to work or school, everything’s okay. The truth is, when you keep using drugs or alcohol despite negative effects, it’s abuse. Rehab is the best way to address this.

Why Choose Bedrock

Bedrock is a professional treatment facility dedicated to helping people reach recovery. We use evidence-based methods and personalized programs to give you the best chance for success. This means options for medical detoxresidential treatment and extensive aftercare. Our accreditations verify that we use effective techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and 12-step group therapy. And of course, this is all in a comfortable environment not far from home. Call Bedrock Recovery today to get started with your healthy lifestyle.

Popular Nearby Locations

Because finding the rehab facility that’s right for you is so important, you may have to look out of town or even out of state. Rehab centers in Massachusetts abound, so many look to Boston or Springfield for treatment.

Other popular locations include:

Directions to our facility in Canton, MA from Acton, Massachusetts

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Published on: September 25, 2020

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