Specialized Treatment Programming For Substance Abuse At Bedrock

BEcause addiction is influenced by a variety of factors, it's important to specialize treatment based on these factors.

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Addiction is both personal and complicated, as each person’s condition is influenced by a variety of factors such as genetics, environment, and individual experiences.

In order to successfully treat substance abuse disorders, it’s important to take these factors into account, using specialized treatment programs to help people overcome their addictions.

Specialized treatment services can be applied to a wide variety of substance use disorders, including drug abuse, opioid addiction, and alcohol use.

It works well for many levels of care, including inpatient or residential treatment, outpatient treatment centers, and intensive outpatient treatment options. It can also be continued during aftercare.

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The Importance Of Targeted Addiction Treatment

Targeted addiction treatment recognizes that each person’s experience with substance use is unique, and therefore doesn’t fit into a “one size fits all” plan.

It allows for an individualized approach that considers factors such as the type of substance a person is abusing, co-occurring disorders or behavioral health conditions, and cultural backgrounds.

By addressing the specific needs and concerns of individuals, targeted treatment increases engagement in the therapeutic process.

It also enables clinicians to identify underlying issues that may be contributing to substance use, ultimately helping them develop the best plan for each client.

Targeted rehab programs can be applied in individual therapy or group therapy settings, and they can be part of both short-term and long-term substance use treatment plans.

Types Of Specialized Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we believe that targeted addiction services recognize the uniqueness of each person’s journey.

It’s our aim to improve treatment effectiveness, engagement, and the likelihood of lasting recovery by offering our clients specialized programs.

LGBTQ+ Group

Bedrock Recovery Center is a gender neutral facility that provides a safe and affirming environment where people can openly discuss their experiences with substance use as a queer person.

We create a space that is inclusive and respectful of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities without judgment or discrimination.

Treatment providers leading our LGBTQ+ group sessions are trained in cultural competence, ensuring they understand the unique stressors, challenges, and strengths within the LGBTQ+ community.

Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery is a Buddhist-inspired approach to addiction recovery that provides a non-theistic and mindfulness-based framework for people experiencing substance abuse.

Founded by Buddhist teacher and author Noah Levine, Refuge Recovery draws on Buddhist principles to address the challenges of addiction.

Mindfulness is a central principle of Refuge Recovery. At Bedrock, we use this practice to examine the many thoughts, feelings, and sensations surrounding substance abuse and cravings.

Refuge Recovery is accessible to people with various spiritual or non-spiritual perspectives. Instead, the focus is on personal responsibility, self-awareness, and mindfulness.

SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Recovery Training, or SMART, is a science-based approach to addiction recovery that emphasizes self-empowerment and evidence-based strategies.

The SMART Recovery Four-Point Program serves as a framework for people to build motivation and live a balanced life.

The four points in SMART Recovery are:

  • building and maintaining motivation
  • coping with urges
  • managing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • living a balanced life

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we offer SMART Recovery as an alternative to traditional 12-step programs, providing people with a flexible approach to addiction recovery.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian-based 12-step program designed to provide support for people experiencing substance abuse.

The program emphasizes a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as central to the healing journey and uses a modified version of the traditional 12-step model initially developed by AA.

These steps focus on acknowledging powerlessness, seeking God’s help, and growing in a spiritual relationship to achieve sobriety.

At Bedrock Recovery Center, we offer Celebrate Recovery as part of our specialized treatment programs for people to explore their faith, address personal challenges, and encourage relapse prevention.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)/Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Groups

At Bedrock, we offer both AA and NA, which are both mutual support groups that follow a 12-step program to help people overcome alcohol or drug addiction, respectively.

Groups meet regularly in our sober living facilities, providing a supportive and non-judgmental place for people to share their experiences, challenges, and successes in their recovery process.

They also offer anonymity, which is a fundamental principle of AA and NA. Members use only their first names, and the confidentiality of discussions within meetings is highly emphasized.

Both of these organizations are widely accessible, with meetings taking place globally. This makes them a valuable support resource for people even after they’ve finished their care at Bedrock.

Young Adult Individualized Therapy

At Bedrock Recovery Center, young adult clients receive additional support to ensure their success.

Additional support for young adult clients includes more one-on-one time with a counselor, increased family involvement, education support, and additional therapy options for adolescent trauma.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy for substance abuse, also known as couples counseling, is a form of therapeutic intervention that involves both partners in a romantic relationship.

Substance use issues can often lead to misunderstandings and disputes, and learning constructive conflict resolution strategies is essential for maintaining a supportive environment.

At evidence-based treatment facilities, therapists typically suggest that couples should not attend the same facility.

As a result, couples therapy at Bedrock is more frequently subsumed in family therapy to improve communication skills and develop healthier conflict resolution strategies.

First Responder Liaisons

At Bedrock Recovery Center, our First Responder Liaisons therapy provides support to first responders who may be dealing with substance abuse or mental health issues.

Our primary objective is to help patients feel validated and supported by addressing the particular concerns associated with their positions, communities, or ongoing treatment.

Learn More About Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment At Bedrock

If you or a loved one is experiencing a substance abuse disorder and would like to learn more about specialized treatment, we can help. Contact Bedrock Recovery Center today.

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Published on: January 2, 2024

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