Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Hammonton, NJ

Treatment centers in Hammonton, NJ, offer evidence-based holistic health services for drug and alcohol addiction. Many rehab facilities accept insurance to make addiction treatment accessible for more individuals.

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Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Hammonton, New Jersey, have many treatment options that can provide the needed support for sober living.

Treatment includes behavioral health for co-occurring disorders, alcohol detox, and more. The addiction treatment programs in New Jersey are tailored to each individual.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Hammonton, NJ

A historic town in Atlantic County, Hammonton has a population of over 14,700.

Substance use disorder rates for Hammonton, NJ:

  • According to the State of New Jersey Department of Health, in 2020 and 2021, Atlantic County had the highest rates of admission for substance use treatment in New Jersey.
  • The primary drug cited in admissions for 2021 was heroin for Atlantic County residents.
  • In 2021, Atlantic County had the highest amount of reported births with neonatal abstinence syndrome in New Jersey.

Atlantic County has had some of the highest numbers in data sets for alcohol and drug abuse. To combat this, state funding has been allocated toward substance abuse treatment centers.

Treatment Programs For Alcohol And Drug Addiction In Hammonton, NJ

Rehab facilities have treatment programs available to serve your healthcare needs, from inpatient treatment to family services.

Addiction treatment programs may include:

  • individual and group counseling services
  • aftercare
  • a helpline with medical advice when needed
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • wellness facilities and amenities
  • residential treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • outpatient rehab programs
  • detox treatment

Your treatment plan will be shaped to your specific needs. Since needs vary, you may utilize some services and not others, depending on recommendations from your care team.

Insurance Coverage For Addiction Treatment In Hammonton, NJ

Many treatment facilities accept different types of insurance and will be happy to check to see if yours is accepted by their program.

You can also check with your insurance company to see which treatment services are covered under your plan.

Medicaid (New Jersey FamilyCare)

New Jersey’s Medicaid plan is called New Jersey FamilyCare. It is a federal health insurance plan that provides care for individuals and families in the low-income brackets.

According to the Substance Abuse Overview for 2021 in Atlantic County, the majority of individuals who were admitted for treatment, 83%, were utilizing Medicaid.

Medicaid varies by state, so you will need to check with your specific state plan for benefits information.

Private Health Insurance

Private healthcare insurance is another option. If you receive insurance through an employer or choose one for yourself, this is likely the option you possess.

There are many plans available that offer rehab-related benefits. Anthem, Humana, and Cigna are just a few. You don’t always need a doctor’s referral for rehab programs, but this could be a requirement.

Most private insurance plans cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment. There are also other payment options such as grants and nonprofit programs, should you need supplemental assistance.

For further questions regarding insurance verification, Bedrock Recovery Center can assist.

FAQs For Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Centers In Hammonton, NJ

See below for information and commonly asked questions regarding recovery centers.

What Activities Are Available At Rehab Centers In Hammonton, NJ?

Treatment for alcohol or drug addiction consists of therapy and working with your care team. However, there are also amenities such as movie theaters, yoga centers, and more.

You can keep a journal to gain insight into your experience and self, draw, exercise, meet new people, read, or discover a new hobby.

You may also prepare for when the rehab program is over, and plan sober activities you’d like to pursue, such as volunteering, taking an online course, or exploring a new area.

What’s The Difference Between Intensive Outpatient And Partial Hospitalization In Hammonton, NJ?

Intensive outpatient treatment is a treatment that you go to during the week, but return home at the end of the day. These programs are about 20 hours a week on average.

Partial hospitalization programs (PHP), are also outpatient, where you return home or to your sober living facility at the end of the day.

PHP tends to be a bit longer and for more days than IOP, for around 25 to 30 hours a week.

What’s The Difference Between Short-Term And Long-Term Rehab Programs In Hammonton, NJ?

Short-term programs are usually weeklong to 30-day programs. In short-term programs, you can usually find therapy, case management, and detoxification services.

Long-term programs can last from three months up to a year, and provide a structured setting to work on various aspects of recovery. They may offer detox services, therapy, and other options.

The difference is that there is more time to work on prevention and healthy skill-building in long-term recovery versus a laser focus on recovery in the short term.

Short-term care can also be less costly than long-term, but insurance can provide help for payment assistance.

Find Addiction Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

You or your loved one can find the treatment you need, whether you are in Mays Landing, or elsewhere in New Jersey.

The team at Bedrock Recovery Center is here to help you move forward. With an accredited facility and a knowledgeable team of medical professionals, you know you are in good hands.

Contact us today, and get the support you need to create lasting change.

Additional Treatment Centers Near Hammonton, NJ

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Published on: September 30, 2022

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