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Harrison, NJ Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

You can find quality addiction treatment services in Harrison, NJ. Most recovery centers accept insurance and offer many research-based and accredited programs. A number of insurance plans are accepted for payment.

From intensive outpatient programs (IOP) to methadone-assisted detox services for chemical dependency, there are several treatment options for addiction available in Harrison, NJ.

You can find a high level of care at a rehab facility that isn’t miles away. Addiction treatment programs in New Jersey have evidence-based treatment that gives you the tools to move forward.

Rates Of Substance Abuse In Harrison, NJ

Westernmost in Hudson County, Harrison is a town with a population of over 19,400 people.

Substance abuse information and rates for Harrison, NJ:

  • Hudson County had one of the lowest rates out of the counties in NJ for alcohol-impaired driving deaths.
  • The primary substance recorded for Hudson County in substance abuse admissions for 2021 was heroin.
  • According to the Office of the Chief State Medical Examiner, there were 133 confirmed fentanyl drug overdoses in Hudson County in 2020, higher than any other drug.

Due to the large number of opioid overdoses, New Jersey has the Opioid Overdose Prevention Program to try to address the situation, including trying to make naloxone (Narcan) available.

Treatment Programs For Addiction In Harrison, NJ

At alcohol and drug abuse treatment centers in New Jersey, there are many addiction services that you or your loved one can choose from for support.

Addiction rehab treatment programs may include:

  • inpatient rehab programs
  • outpatient services
  • dual diagnosis treatment
  • medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • counseling services
  • wellness facilities
  • medical detox
  • short-term and long-term programs
  • aftercare
  • support groups

A plan will be created to suit your specific needs, and whether you choose inpatient or outpatient programs, you’ll have access to guidance every step of the way.

Insurance Coverage For Substance Use Disorder Treatment In Harrison, NJ

Many addiction treatment centers accept insurance. Due to laws such as The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), there is to be no stigma for seeking supportive services.

New Jersey FamilyCare

Medicaid is a publicly funded plan for people within a certain income bracket. You may be eligible for low or no-cost medical insurance through this plan.

Some drug and alcohol rehab centers will accept Medicaid. You will have to check with your specific insurance provider or the addiction treatment center of choice to see if it is accepted.


Humana is widely utilized for private health insurance throughout the U.S. Calling the hotline on the back of your insurance ID card can let you know what services are covered by Humana.

Humana also has an option for military members called Humana Military. Both plans, military and non, are likely to cover most drug and alcohol addiction treatment center programs.

Other Private Health Insurance Options

Private health insurance options include Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, and others. Addiction centers in New Jersey may accept your private health insurance.

These are different from government and state-funded options as they are provided by private entities.

Contact your insurance company or the rehab center you wish to enroll with for coverage details.

Other Funding Options

If you are in a situation where you may not have health insurance coverage, your health care needs do not need to be abandoned. You can get funding assistance from a variety of places.

Human services options may have programs to assist. There are also grants such as those from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and scholarships.

For eligibility questions about insurance, contact Bedrock Recovery Center.

FAQs For Addiction Treatment Centers In Harrison, NJ

Here are answers to various frequently asked questions pertaining to drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs.

Why Consider An Addiction Treatment Center In Harrison, NJ?

Just as you would treat a chronic illness at the doctor, you would address addiction. Addiction is a health condition and often needs extra guidance to manage the condition.

Not only can substance use be dangerous, but detoxing can also be dangerous without medical oversight. Going for treatment helps you have a greater chance of living a healthy life.

What Behavioral Health Groups Are Available At Rehab Centers In Harrison, NJ?

There are many options for group therapy in drug and alcohol treatment centers, and also outpatient options.

With both inpatient and outpatient treatment options, you may have family therapy, clinical group therapy, as well as non-clinical peer support groups available.

There may be options for events and group outings. Many continue 12-step groups or other religious or non-religious-based peer support after treatment.

What Continued Care Is Available After Completing A Rehab Program In Harrison, NJ?

Continued care may take many forms and is essential for recovery. This may involve continuing with a different program, such as an outpatient program.

A sober living community may be another option to connect with peers and develop healthy habits together. Twelve-step groups and other support groups may also be part of your continued care plan.

There are many options, and your care team will work with you to map out what options give you the best chance at continued success.

Find Alcohol And Drug Addiction Treatment At Bedrock Recovery Center

From Jersey City to Trenton, New Brunswick to Irvington, our care team at Bedrock Recovery Center is just a phone call away.

Whether you seek outpatient treatment or need help understanding insurance provider coverage, Bedrock is here for you with a range of care levels for substance abuse. Call our helpline today.

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